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so today is my first day on the RSD website, and forum.  well maybe i've checked out the main site a couple times before HAHA.  so i'm a aspiring pickup artist.  i don't really like the term pickup artist that much.  well sometimes i do.  so my friend Birdman recommended i read MM and Magic Bullets, so i'm going to do exactly that.  anyways, i'm hoping that by the end of my "study period", i will have enough knowledge to properly use my new found confidence.  lately i've foudn that if i want to go up to a girl and say hi or even ask the time of day, i WILL! but i have no "game plan" which seems to be my problem, cause i'm attractive-ENOUGH and i dress well (most of the time HAHA).  all in all though, i'm NOT going to rush myself, cause i don't want my brain to fry.  everything has to be done in moderation.  all in .....good time, i guess.  anyways concerning my confidence to actually OPEN MY MOUTH to talk to girls, i've starting on a progressive foot.  i've crashed and burned a couple times, but what i think the first step is, is to simply be able to just have a casual conversation with a stranger-female.  isn't it? i did exactly that with the girl from Simon's department store.  russian, i think.  didn't seem like she knew much english...well she didn't she told me.  i'm so stupid lol.  anyways, we made small talk and i made her smile a couple times.  next step...longer conversations! 


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