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So, I ran into a very "happy" police officer the other day. Unlike the ususal dick police officer, this one had a smile and a happy tone to himself. We shoot the shit a little bit and what not and I gave him my license and registration and ID.

Threw the whole time, we both knew that he owned the frame. But I wasn't mad since he was a likeable dude. 

This was the difference between frame control out of insecurity vs frame control because you are confidente.
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This is a subpost of a bigger topic I made here about frame control. Read that for the origional post.

Ok, why is frame control important? When someone has the frame, they dictate who has higher and who has lower value. If you don't know what frame control is, you are being controlled by someone else without even being aware of it. We can subsitute low and high value position as beta and alpha.

And, do you think someone in the beta position gets laid? Nope.

I don't really think frame control is as important as something like not being reactive but, once your game is at a certain level, you MUST learn frame control. I moved to vegas recently and the SUPER hot girls that work at clubs and strip clubs are always testing your frame to see if you are really the dude you project to be.

It is like, they are always trying to frame control you into the beta position. ALWAYS. And they aren't even thinking about it. It is just a self defense mechanism they built up by living in vegas with all these fake "ballers" trying to woo them.

I'll post more on this later, but, just know that, if you aren't aware of the current frame, you might be in the beta position.
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 So, a few months back I read Pitch Anything by Oren that talks about frame control. Read the origional thread there with my review and notes.

I've been doing a LOT of studying in this area and will do something big about it soon. Been studying truly bad ass dudes that have a strong frame control like cops and UFC figheters. In fact, I'm going to go and train at a UFC gym here in vegas.

popcorn.gif and keep a watch on this you guys.
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 Yo, RSDN, need your help.

So, I am living with 3 roommates in a cool ass house that has a bar! I've been here for about 3 weeks and I have a feeling there is gonna be a problem. Here is the situation:

Roommate #1 is a cute girl
Roommate #2 is a girl with a boyfriend (we'll call him Chode1)
Roommate #3 is a really quiet engineer.

Roommate #2 invited Chode1 to live with us, so we have 5 people living in this house but there is only 4 people on the lease. Chode1 does not pay rent. Chode1 is 24 years old while everyone else in the house is 20. Chode1 does not go to college. Everyone in the house all go to the same school. Chode1 has a job in Denver and commutes ever weekday. Chode1 used to live with his mom in the middle of nowhere. Chode1 does not drink, party, do drugs or anything like that because he is "streight edge." Chode1 also has a TERRIBLE haircut that he adores because his girlfriend gave it to him. Chode1 will probally never get laid ever again if Roommate #2 dump him. Chode1 is also extremely quiet and does not talk to anyone besides roommate #2. CHODE1 IS A FUCKING CHODE.

Now, Roomate #2 went out and got Cable+Internet for $100/month when me, Roommate #3, and Roommate #1 all said we dont watch TV and would just want only Internet, which is $25/month. Roommate #2 said "its more economical this way" but in all reality I know she just wanted to watch TV with her chode boyfriend so they can sit on the couch together.

Also, Chode1 does not PARTY. He goes to sleep at 10pm every day. He is quiet. He loves his girlfriend. He bugs me. He is in the way of TOTAL WORLD PARTY-LATION.

What should I do?

I'm gonna talk to Roommate#1 and make sure she is OK with having NO internet and then talk to Roommate#2 about WHY SHE PICKED Internet+Cable and tell me its more economical and then make Chode1 pay at least all of the utilities.

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Hello World.
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