Hey guys,
Time to take care of your dental hygiene.This is my guide i think i am almost metrosexual in dental hygiene.

Use these things in this order:

1.Interdental Brush
I recommed you to go to your dental hygienist/dentist and ask him what size of that brush to use.

Use it if you cant get to some interdental spaces.

3.Hydrogen Peroxide(3%)
Mix it with water 3:1 (3 water,1 hydrogen peroxide).Gargle it for 1 min and then rinse your mouth with it.Be careful with gargling or you will end up puking(it tastes worse than shit).

you can buy it in drug store/apothecary,it´s cheap.This will destoy bacteria which causes bad breath.

4.Backing Soda
Put a little bit(1-3g) of backing soda into a glass and mix it with water(20ml).

This will change your mouth to alkaline environment.Alkaline environment is bad for bacteria.

5.Mouth Wash
Use only mouthwash without alcohol.Alcohol dryes your mouth(dry mouth=bad breath).

Brush your teeth for 3-5 min.You can use any toothpaste(i use Lacalut White).
Brush your teeth softly/gently,if you push too hard you will injure your gums and destoy your brush(especialy if you use very soft brush)

Recommendation:Go to drugstore/apothecary and buy there an ultra soft brush.Ultra soft brush doesnt damage your gums.

7.Solo Brush
Brush everywhere with that.
Look at picture no. 4.Solo brush will get to places where normal brush cant get so efectively.

Care for your mouth 2 times a day.(or if you enjoy brushing your teeth you can do it after each meal)

Dont use tongue scrappers.I use to scrape my tongue and it "provoked" my tongue(result-i had some papula on it and my tongue hurt) and after using it my tongue became whiter.
if you still wanna use it scrape really tenderly.

Go to dental hygienist/dentist to whiten your teeth and to remove tartar/scale on your teeth.

That´s it guys.Hope you will enjoy brushing your teeth.

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