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Hey guys,

Its a month since my last blog. I've been sticking to my plan and going out 2-3 nights per week and I've got back in contact with the guys from the lair. I've also been actively working on every aspect of my life and am really having fun right now.

However, I have also not been getting the results I want with women. I have been catching up and hanging out with girls more which is awesome, but unitl last night I wasn't  approaching as many girls as I would have liked and I didn't plow enough. I currently work part time around uni handing out free samples of wine at a Super Market, its a sweet job. I've used it to practice voice tonality and pitch, as well as general conversation skills. I've also met a few babes who work at the supermarket and got their numbers, but nothing has eventuated from that.

Last night, was a really good night though. We had this party which I was promoting with around 500- 600 people. It had 3 floors, an outside area, firedancers, shisha, grafitti artists, over 22 DJ's, it was incredible! We pre gamed at mine before with just a few of my good mates and ended up arriving around 11pm. Before I even got into the venue, I high fived a few random's who were ready to party. Once I got in, I was on. I had a great chance to open people as everyone gets a band when they get into the venue. If you find all five colours of those bands, each of the people with the bands gets a free tequilla shot. I was charging up to everyone introducing myself, finding out what wristband they had etc. It was awesome. After my team got a free tequilla shot, I ended up going downstairs to the UV room with my mates. Meet a couple of cool girls, but nothing special. After that, went and hung outside with my mate who was do the most amazing spray painting before hitting up the main room. Here I rendezvoused with this cute blondie I had met earlier. I haven't bought a girl a drink in like 3 years, but I was in party mood and so I got first round and she bought second round. I ended up taking her up to the DJ booth and then kiss closed her. Our paths got seperated later and never got a chance to number close her... gutted...

Later, I met some girls from florida on the dance floor. At this stage the nimbus was roaring. The girl had a tongue ring and was super proud of it. She asked me if I'd ever hooked up with a girl with a tongue ring before... I took the bait and it was all to easy... kiss close number 2.

After getting bored with this girl I ditched here to hang out with my crew. Met a really cute brownette girl through a friend, nothing happened here but she's within my extended social circle so we will no doubt meet again.

Lastly, semi kiss closed another girl. She grabbed me cause I had the wristband colour she wanted. We ended up going on this amazing mission around the venue, to find the last colour. Never happened, but we had an awesome adventure... Super good vibe... Once again I was having so much fun switching from place to place, I decided I was going to leave this girl and go hang out with some others. We had a quick kiss goodbye and I didn't see her for the rest of the night...

What I learnt:

- If I do decide to leave a girl, grab her number...
- Don't think about nimbus, it happens by taking action
- Because i had a huge role in promoting and running the party, I had high situational confidence. However, I never bragged about it or told people unless they asked. I was more confident in myself than in my position..
- Escalate quickly... Be straight up... Don't worry about canned lines or bull shit... Im awesome and fun.. Have great energy... Talk smoothly/ normally rather than try and 'pimp'

Awesome night... Bring on next Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday
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First night out since I set my vision..... Awesome night!!!

Just finished all my uni assignments, so it was time to party... Started the night with predrinks at mine. Awesome group of people, all the girls were cute and awesome guys to. Around 10.30 we headed for our destination, the highlighter party. I drove because I don't want to have to rely on alcohol for game.

Once it got there I immediately got pumped. Everyone was in white so we could all highlight each other and see our pieces of art under the black lights. While we were waiting in line a couple of girls who my mate angy bought along starting flirting and highlighting on me. I of course returned the favour. One of the girls this cute brownette was into me, so I was like sweet. I fuked this one up though!!

We got inside and I started pumping myself up. Saw some people from uni so that pumped me up... Got one drink at the bar with the crew to start the night off. Hit the dance floor and starting creating a lot of fun around me. Miss brownette was getting more into me, awesome. One of my best mates was also there and was keen on her to. This is where I fukd up. I was having so much fun on my own and highlighting randoms, I neglected my girl too much. I never hesisated around her, but I wasn't 100% congruent with myself. I was lacking 100% belief in my conversation ability, words weren't flowing from my mouth. I would have a mean convo with her for a short bit and have heaps of kino, but then I would turn back to my friends and start dancing. It was in a lower value way, rather than I can do whatever the fuck I want higher value way.

To cut a long story short, I let her slip away and she moved onto my mate. He did a fucking awesome job, props to him and was intensely making out with her in the corner 20 min later.

I continued to see random girls, point at them with 100% congruence and pull them over. I would strike up a sweet convo, gain some attraction and highlight them, but I never kept plowing and always ended up going back to my friends. I ended up going home with no numbers, no hook ups. Only having a lot of fun...

Postives from the night:

- Awesome energy (Someone said I can't believe you're sober)
- Having a great time and fun just for being me, wwooooo!!!
- Opened well
- Good kino

Things to improve on:

- Push the comfort zones more. Don't be afraid to leave friends dancing for a while
- Open more sets including mixed sets
- 100% core congruence in myself as a man
- More intent
- Have a few conversation threads up my sleeve before I go out so I don't have to think about what I need to say
- Be more outside my head

Tomorrow night's another night champs, lets get out there and build off my strong energy. This time with a few conversation threads up my sleeve and core congruence in myself as a man,

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Sup guys,

I'm James from Auckland, New Zealand. I've never really been into the idea of a blog, it's also seemed so lame reading some douche writing about his amazing achievements in pick up. Most of the guys I've met who write them just talk big game and are full of shit. They are just doing it to seek approval...

If you think I'm another one of those guys, awesome!! Leave this page now. The reason I decided to write this is not for other people, not to be a follower in the pack, but for MYSELF. I've known about the game for a while and it has massively changed my life. However, I am still not getting the results I want with women. This is going to help. Already I can see that I judge and have a disliking to geeks on the lair. Action step: reframe this and understand things from their perspectives.


I found out about 'the game' a few years ago through a friend recommending me david d. Awesome stuff. I became addicted right away. First night I went out and had great success... No closes but man it felt good to have most of the girls attention in the room...

Anyway over those few years I have mixed through david d, MM and finally RSD. I have always read too much and watched too many videos and haven't taken enough action. In order to spure my action through this period I hooked up into our local lair. This was a great way to get out there and start opening, escalating, number/ kiss closing. However, I found most of these people really weird and I ended up ditching most of them...

Anyway two and a half years down the track...

After finding out about pick- up I have changed immensely. I remember talking to a mate the other day and he was like you were such a geek back in school, but now your just chill, cool, intelligent guy. How i've changed:

- More social
- Understand how to joke around/ vibe with guys/ girls (cocky and funny)
- More self assured
- Less self doubt
- More ambitious
- More outgoing/ proactive
- Comfortable talking with strangers
- Like myself just for me
- Beginning to care less of what people think of me by letting go of certain aspects of social conditioning
- Far more positive
- Doing what I want, no what society tells me to do

Over the last year, I have had the most change. I have:

- Worked at the PGA Golf Championship in Michigan
- Travelled around New York by myself and stayed in a hostel for the first time
- Studied abroad for a semester at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, California,
- Really pushed my comfort zones and had the time of my life at Cal
- Started and lead a mob as a non american which ran through the library when Obama won. 500 people ran through the library, which ended up growing to over 3000 people by the end of the night!!
- Started a fraternity at the University of Auckland which now has almost 1800 members on facebook. Just ran our first party which had over 600 people there!!
- Got flown out to Melbourne,Australia by Accenture Management Consulting Firm for an adventure weekend/ job interview. Will find out tomorrow if I get the graduate role starting Jan, 2010.
- Built a massive social circle all around the world through studying abroad as well as home in auckland. Over 700 friends on facebook.
- Golf handicap of 3
- Accepted myself for me and so much more comfortable in my own skin. Despite this, far less ego than I had before.

Despite doing all of this amazing stuff, I haven't improved my life with women to the extent I want it. The reason for this is while I have become far more social, fun and postive I haven't been approaching when I've been out in the last few months. I haven't been pushing more comfort zones in that respect, I haven't been getting numbers, I've just been having fun with my buddies and almost not even trying to get the girls I want.


- Set goals - tick

-To go out twice a week, every week for the rest of the year. No exceptions, no excuses. One day game session a week as well. If this doesn't work out, then I'll go to clubs/ parties 3x a week.
- When I'm out meet and ATTRACT as many girls as possible. Have fun, own the place, get the NIMBUS, the chodes and close to the best extent I can each and every time I want a girl.
- Get in contact with cool guys from the lair. Go out with them, mastermind, build off their energy.
- Build relationships with current social circle. Hang out more with friends, do fun stuff, be social.
- Be more social in class at uni. Meet at least 2 new people every day.
- Start blog- aids with accountability. Although I am doing this for me and not trying to seek people's approval, people can give me advice. Although I like to think I don't seek people's approval, I still do so this is going to help heaps.
- Continue to push comfort zones, gain deep identity level change. Care less of what people think of me, do WHAT I WANT TO, WHEN I WANT TO DO IT!!

- Implement

- Read goals each and every day in the morning and at night( I have other goals to related to other things in my life I regard important)
- Prioritise and delegate time accordingly:
1. Uni work
2. Relationships/ Friends/ social circle/ game
3. Exercise/ golf
4. Extra curricular's ie building frat
5. Part time promo work
- Don't think, just do
- I am naturally good with women, I just have to discover it. It is something I am, not something I do
- Write to blog regularly to aid with learning/ recapping. Think less when I'm out

BBBOOOOMMMMM so that's the start. Now its time to go to bed, my two mid terms tomorrow, finish assignments then go PARTY ON THURS, FRI AND SAT!!!
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