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Forgive me while I use this little thing as my personal diary to weep into. From my dick.

Oh, God, what's wrong with you dude...

So, it never occurred to me that judgements about others (people like you) affect ME. I'm judging THEM right? Apparently not. The brain can't cope with double standards. If I decide that being a Chode is shameful and I make fun of people for being chodes... then I've totally fucked myself. Because next time I start acting like a chode or being a failure with women, it won't just be a nuisance. It will be self esteem destroying.

You have enough of these negative judgement about people and it adds up. It destroys your own self esteem.

Besides that, judgements about others limit us. Every time we judge somebody in a way to make them lower, or put them on a pedestal, it totally fucks everything up. Suddenly we can't just be cool.

It's like creating your own prison. All these walls and boundaries about what is allowed and not allowed. They are self created because we choose what to judge as good and bad.

That doesn't mean you can't call a spade a spade. If I see an angry person I can notice that they are angry. But am I making them WRONG for being angry? Because if I am I've just blocked myself from expressing anger in a healthy way.

Peace out.
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