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The motto for today is “make your life an adventure, that somebody can make a movie out of”

yesterday I got out to my regular place, and was on fire, my head hurt all day and I was tired but when I go out all this magically disappears.

I was in state and caveman-ing left and right, funny story, I take a girl and say let’s dance a slow song (I suck at dancing btw) and she’s like “ah, no…” I smile and say “thanks for the reaction dude!” and she’s like “no I meant I usually step on people tows when dancing slow songs…” and then start hugging and the usual gaming, finally the girl that I like appears and I’m all over her, and finally pull her at the bar of the club, which is quieter, and start telling her a stupid joke, and then my luck she says “you don’t have a cigarette, do you?” of course I don’t smoke and just ask the bartender for one and he gives it to me and a guy near me provided the lighter and she’s like “ooo…you’re resourceful…“ and by that time I got her set up a 2nd date and a no. (interesting how a small thing like that changed everything) and continuing talking for a while(this is all 5 minutes max).
But then one friend of mine comes and says that another guy I know, is into a fight with some guys outside about my friend’s girl, I rush there and he is nowhere to be found just the girl and the other guys start attacking me and we start fighting, I have a black eye  and a cool story (I talked to the bouncers and I’ll also get in on DVD)… now she’s upset with me cause I got into a fight, will see how to turn it around :P if possible if not hey what the hell…next one…fuck my face hurts :)

Disclaimer: I was looking for the fight, in almost 2 years of going out if I wanted to avoid fighting I could… but it was on my “to do” list
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What’s up,

I am experiencing something strange,

For the last few months I‘ve been trying to launch a business, do some real-estate transactions and invest on the Stock Exchange, which is all dandy and fine but as I expected when in field, and knowing that I am doing this I made a point to go out at least once a week, I lack enthusiasm.

I’ve been into social dynamics for a while and doing ok, better than ok actually , and I know that you get back what you put in but what I’m afraid of is that I don’t seem that funny…to me. I mean people have a great time around me, but I don’t ( I mean I talk about things that interest me and still say funny stories however I don’t impress myself as I used to…)

I now seem to get more IOI’s than before, a lot more, I look pretty good I’m in shape and stuff, have a good general vibe…blabla what I get is I am a lot more passive and I see a girl grinding on me and stuff, however I don’t feel like closing, sometimes I do close just because when I go home my PIMP personality kicks in and I have an internal conflict that I lost it – so I get some sex now and again with pretty cute girls but not a 10 in my book(I hate to give numbers but it is easier than explain what exactly I mean).

I listened to the mastermind cd with jeffy last night and he had a point that posting will help so here I am, the first field report happened this Friday:

First me and a friend go to a club that I usually go to where I hate the music but I am pretty well known and everything is dead except for one table with a few cute girls and some guys – not that cute , just kidding, I sit down with my friend and shoot the proverbial shit, when one of the guys comes to my table and says he is a former colleague of mine from back in the day, and that he saw some pictures of me doing bungee and shit and trying to see what I’m doing, now all the time he is talking I check out the girls to see if I should tell him to go to his table to “make new friends” but I evaluate that there is no need(even though now I see that they were better, actually a lot better than what I was doing at that time) and this interaction dies down…this was a first hint that I was a little bit off…anywho…the club is dead and my friend suggest to go to another one…’mkay…we get here all girls look like from 5th grade and for some reason I’m not into that I like them to be more…feminine, so I stay kind of lame, dance a little and talk to my friend and witness one of the coolest openers ever, it bombed like crazy but I couldn’t stop laughing :) the opener is walk up to a girl, put your hand in her hair and saying “yep, it’s natural!”…I thought was funny as hell, she didn’t however…one girl who was about a 7 in my book comes to me with her sister as it seems and starts talking to me, I’m right on her hugging and caressing while talking about shit, she asks me when is the last time I had sex cause for her was last week, I say today (reference to fucking her later that she didn’t get – big surprise there !?) so she starts bugging me about playing a game to see who gets more numbers so I get her to get a few numbers from guys and afterwards she says I win get me something to drink, which I say no – thinking back I should of said something funnier but as said in the beginning I didn’t care what happened so I didn’t put much thought into what I was saying, she was on me like black on black rice…her sister goes home and she stays with me telling me about sex and shit…very obvious and a bit of a turn off for me…and then the big thing happens my friend says let’s go home to which I’m like “ok…” turn to her and say “bye” and leave her in disbelief there…

I’m sure she found somebody else to fuck that night so she’ll be fine, the one I’m worried is me, I mean I didn’t try at least a pull, which in my opinion had 99% chance of success not even a number, cause I didn’t want to see her again…

We’ll see this week if this is a isolated incident or will happen again,

Any feedback is appreciated.

And I’ll be a regular on this thread!
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