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YO YO! How's it going fellas? hope you all had a cool weekend, mine was spent with a ukranian chick who ended up getting on my nerves insanely bad, the sex was great though!

Today i want to throw out my first blog entry on this site, i have never been one for writing about game or studying it too much actually, i have always been pretty good with chicks of all ages. I am 20 and my girlfriend is 27 she has seen me with other girls and knows how i am, but shes hooked and we have a nice open relationship...

my point is GOALS, from what i have seen being driven in my life has always allowed me to date the hottest women in my city and eventually and me into certain positions in my early life. For example i was working at the Airport over in basel Switzerland, after a year i ended up supervisor of my own team which was pretty cool. I then saw an oppertunity to work on a boat where i travelled to 39 countries in one year, practising game it was like FUCKING HEAVEN!!!

that risk taking mindset with your goal in ind can drive you to do things you never imagined whether its:

- Going to the gym
- Spending time with loved ones
-getting a promotion

whatever it may be as long as you have got goals in mind and you want to smash these goals now i dont mean..

i want a promotion i mean, i am going to GET that fucking promotion if my balls depend on it. if you dont give shit 110 percent your essentially fucked and fall into the catagory of another guy who TRIED AND FAILED.

what i have found from developing this mindset from game is that girls flock to guys with this mentallity now that doesnt mean you can stand there with your fucking vodka red bull just smiling and your dick will get sucked, BUT it does mean that you are more grounded and on top of your shit so that when you do open, you kill it.

I have just launched a decent business with my russian business partner and to get this thing off the ground i quit my job stupidly without saving any money just enough to eat for a few days, my family didnt really care, basically, i was fucked.

It drove me more, the more i was in my head scared the more i was killing it in general. I was driven and when i was out in set i was pulling instead of once twice a week, 3-4 times a week, which shocked me.

My girlfriend laila was even shocked at how my personality had developed so much just by taking the risk and pushing for a business that i have no knowlege in all i knew was a guy invested in it, he said come, i went.

stupid and probably a bit wet behing the ears at this point but still, i have learnt at a young age that being driven, seperates you from the other chodes of society no matter how good looking you are, your the king. :)

I know this entry was all over the place but i am crazy tired, tonight was my 17th night out without stop and i am with clients all day, pooped!

Hope you fellas had a great weekend,

Cheers, Paul ;)
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