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 creating situations that can realistically escalate:

--you can't escalate if you want it more than her.
--you can't escalate if you let obstacles prevent you from doing what you want
--you can't escalate if your sensitive to what the girl does or thinks of you.

If your in any of these situations, you realistically don't relate to the girl in a way that can escalate. You are, in her eyes.. a boy.. and you will be, until you shake these behaviors off. most dudes don't live up to the standards of a guy who can/should get laid and then they get massively butt hurt and reactive about it when they don't get what they want. It's pretty pathetic to be honest... i mean, its human.. but pathetic none the least. 

The standards of a guy who deserves sex:

--You will have fun regardless of getting you way or not
--You will go for sex when it feels right, but not be attached to it
--You will remain detached and non-judgemental about the girl no matter what she wants to do, because thats HER business and HER choices
--You will remain PROACTIVE no matter what outcome ends up happening, win or fail, its all good.

Being sex worthy means being extreemly passive about sex overall, but just assertive enough to go for it and see what happens without taking it too serious. So no matter what your cool and fun to be around, but you're also willing to BEAST on her for fun at a minutes notice if you feel inclined to do so in the moment.

I call this the NON BUTT HURT PARADIGM & I think its one everybody should be in <- article there if you want to comment.. <- how to escalate if you do have these standards...

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