Getting into the right frame

Well, I've been going out a lot and trying to stay active. I drink a lot of fruit and veggie juices during the day which helps out a lot when approaching and view talking to hot woman as an reward for this.

So I go out and do about fifteen approaches with just a simple hello,how's your day or who are you? I've noticed you must keep pushing the energy in these situations. If she is interested and responds with how are you, you continue.

You don't continue with something like "good" or "fine", these little one liners, but make sure you stop her and retort with a phrase that commands authority and is somewhat fun.

You need to have high energy when you do this and that is why I try and drink a lot of fruit juices which give that too me but everyone is different.

Command a deep and strong voice, your chances are a lot better when you have a strong and deeper voice with day game.

Lead the interacton by giving statement's of intent "We can go out sometime to this place" or "I need your number".

Don't ask questions. After the first question, don't ask another question. If they have a boyfriend or a husband than they will tell you.

A lot of people ask whether you should get the number or go for an insta-date?

To reduce flakiness its obvious you should try and always get an insta-date and then take the number if they are busy at the moment.

A lot of times high valued woman will be busy but once in a great while they won't.

Being fit helps as well. Looks do matter to a small degree but shouldn't hinder you from approaching because it is so random.
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A conversation with someone
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Well, no fucking or making out but I did pick up this chick and walk with her down the street and I did get close a few times. I was walking this chick and she wanted to go to her house and have a 3 some but her husband got a little pissed when I asked for her number and it didn't go through. Better luck next time...
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Well I stayed in set longer than I ever have - a lot longer. Is that a good thing? Yes and No. I am still trying to progress into the stop talking about pointless banter and get into the sticking point. The point where you begin to move parts of the set around.  I need to get better at isolating. Major eye contact with all of the woman I was talking to. God it is funny to notice how much of a difference women respond with my hair longer. They make more eye contact and smile a little more.

Walking past this chick (HB8). She looks at me when I look at her and gesture I need a free drink. I stopped her from following her friends and had some AMOG qualities but failed to kino and lost it in less than a minute.

Need more practice: KINO ESCALATION - I am at the point where I touch the shoulder and keep it there sometimes but the responses I get include: doing nothing, moving arm after about 15 seconds, etc.. Just emphasizing the dead end after physical arm touch. 

I just need to man up and get in there.

I opened a set and they started introducing themselves to me right afterwards. I open with "Can I join this conversation" and they looked at me stared for a little bit and then introduced themselves. God I love LA. I need to move here soon to begin my journey.

Opened a 2 set. Started saying my friend is in the band that is playing and we traveled 3 hours to play at this little point in L.A. just to appeal to your sense of belonging.  Very smart women I approached. One appartently recieved a 2200 on her SAT. Anyways, god damn it is such a nice relief to speak with intelligent and beautiful woman for the first time. Need to get the fuck out of Dodge.
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I have finally trained my subconscious to act with these principles in mind during the course of the night. THANKS RSD FREE TOUR!!
- Harder to gain social momentum during the day.- Creating your own personal universe.- Act through your own intentions.- Pick up batting average is for newbs!- Screening for chemistry- Frame control
- Nice Vocal tonality/ Vocal Projection- Leading with intent- State Transference- Screening frame- Use lower HB’s to build social momentum/state- Mainstream society is in lower consciousness/fucking haze
- Make yourself vulnerable – natural congruent personality on the line- To get into trendy clubs (especially in LA) be cool- Make yourself real- Penetrate her “Wall of Politeness”-Use “racist” “throw me a way like a piece of trash”, Ill “Kill myself”- Never attracted to a woman.- Keep the set going- Shes going to all of the place and non-linearly minded- They want to speak to many guys, and are arousal seeking.- Keep going back into sets even if she ran away.Keep talking and don't quit- Sticking point, sticking point - A Degree of randomness- Don’t be a numbers hog- Do not be attracted by the HB’s- Be The Party- Day Game is like Night Game – Create the personal universe you love- Your opener doesn’t matter- Freedom from outcome
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Mall Game - Ta DA DA

3 hours of game - some highlights

- walked into guess clothing store(bar atmosphere) - sales floor "hello, are you looking for something" (an hb 8 as well)

me = "I was looking for you" as I start walking and she is walking with me, I put my h
ands on her shoulders and just take her to the back.
me = "I saw you in my dreams and this is suppose to happen" I get up in her face and she looks for her manager and we smile at each other and I don't pull the number. haha She was working - dadadada.

- hb 9 behind the counter - me = "Are you freaked out sometimes when guys that are alone spend a lot of time looking around in a womans only clothing store."
She agrees it is creepy and we talk about sizes of clothing for woman. I am here to buy my "niece" a sweater for the winter. IOI but she is working and gets called to do something.

Lesson of the day "It is harder to pull a womans number who is working"

Real approaches = no numbers = shitty mall day = chode = need to get out of this fucking hick town. LA LA LA.
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Yes, approached a handful today and had a fun - enoyable and relaxing day. Took the day off school to go to a local point of interest. Understood the complications, do you ever look up and see shadows hovering over. They speak a lot. Watching Bering Sea Gold Under the Ice - the first episode - loving it. Can someone please tell me why this is like this. So many guys fall victim to women that get there way every sentence they mutter out. They follow orders like a little by following instructions to whatever she is saying. "Can you just fix it or make my sandwich for me." We are in need of a valuable lesson and a life changer to realize how detrimental it is to do things in that sense because your going to go home a loser everytime. You are the one that determines how your night goes. Who gives a fuck about their damn shit tests and don't fucking give into their type of frame - always be present to the situation and give it your best because at the end of the night you can go home with a least 1 girl if you try and approach constantly during the night.  The odds are that you have found the woman who wants get laid that night if you do.

Today I approached about a dozen sets. I talked with a girl from Germany for about 30 minutes. I just kept talking to her. That is the key. Just keep the conversation going and when she gives you a reaction and starts talking for awhile you'll understand that she wants to do something.

She was nothing to great - about a HB 7 actually and got her number.  She wanted my phone to enter her number in. Seemed to show some interest and can probably see something happening with this one.

Opened one girl by commenting on her tatoo and we spoke about a movie with the same title as her tatoo. She was a Mexican about a 7 and ended the conversation with her not giving me her number. When you have those cross racial and cross culture boundaries it is tougher to get a number. Latinos and African-Americans are the toughest. I generally try and avoid them if the occasion arises that there is a caucasian woman. It is a bit discriminating but I've found it generally harder - with exception -  to get their numbers.  It really isn't about what I think about their skin color but it is more unlikely that they will be willing to do anything.

Opened a set by saying " I am bored - what are you guys doing?" and they were doing homework and spoked for about a minute exited out. Didn't feel that comfortable. What are you doing opener is a bit boring IMHO.
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 Well this week wasn't too great in terms of success. I didn't go out though so that probably was why I didn't have much success. I've been studying for midterms lately.

I had a study date with a HB 8. She seemed like she didn't really understand what was going on in the class etc.. and so I really didn't try to talk about the material we were studying. I can say she was enagaging and is into me though. She lives about an hour away so it would be hard to go over to her house unless I am at college. That is one thing that I dislike about living so far away from college. You need to have that easy access.
Week 3
It is Saturday night and I am staying in like a chode muncher. I need to start driving down to Los Angeles for the weekend if I can next semester. If anyone games and reads this wants to go out than send me a message. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive though so I am not really looking forward to that part but I might go on Thursday night if I don't have a class Friday and living out of my car. Hang out during the day hopefully at her house or a friends. We will see where this goes but I don't count on it.

My game to date has included sex about 4 times over the past 3 months. I am not too successfull. The one time I did have sex was on a day 2 when we went for a bike ride and she brought stuff to make a picnic. I was feeling it and we went to a golf course and stayed there for a while. Talk about a hole in one. Ha?

The other was actually two days afterwards when I was with her friend and she was having a going away party. I took her to the girl's bedroom I had just fucked on the golf course. This was after I had started making out with her in her backyard and fingering her as there was a bunch of people in the pool playing a game.

After sex the next night with her I choded out for a couple weeks and went on a family vacation for a week and started back up in August - about a month after my initial lays for the season.

So I thought it was funny. These girls were 19 by the way. The first was a 7.5 and her friend was an 8.
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Week 2 went decently, I learned a lot and I am improving day by day - I can feel it.

Some highlights include:

Figuring out how to stop woman safely as you are walking towards them.

One simple method I developed was the "Are you in my English class" routine.
Simply, stop them and ask if they are in your English class. If they keep making eye contact after there response and don't keep walking, than you keep going on about how you seemed to look like this person and then false time constraint. If they are still there after this than you can use whatever you want to keep the conversation going. One critical part about it is that you must keep talking and talk fast. Talking fast raises her buying temperature. I will keep the conversation going about how hard my semester has been and how much I am studying etc...

I am also using my camera to video interactions so I can use it to better develop my game and to show people my success. I simply put my video camera in my pocket of my shirt on my chest and it has a nice fit so its not too obvious.

I approached about 70-80 girls including the "Are you in my English class" opener. I got 8 numbers and I have a date on Wednesday supposedly. Hopefully she isn't flaking.

One funny story was that when I was sitting outside the library, I noticed two girls and walked by a couple times. I then saw them on a different part of campus and they opened me by asking if I was "in the Navy." I asked them why would I be in the Navy etc.. They were doing a scavenger hunt and were affiliated with a Christian group on campus. Long story short, they asked me to accept Jesus and  after talking to them about religion about six of members of the group then asked me to be in the "hotseat." This was a little strange. They surrounded me and they started getting these revelations about my life. They then proceeded to ask me about my relationship with my Father, and they tried to heal the pain in my neck. They all were pretty cool and I actually ended up accepting Jesus as my personal savior.
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Day Game Week 1

So, I am back after a year or so trying to cold approach pick-up. I am really loving the college setting and have been utilizing my status as a college student to engage in the opposite sex. It took me some time to get me back in the groove. I recognized my state was low at first and warmed-up with some fuglies but got a couple number closes from HB8's. Out of the fifteen hours or so I was walking around I approached ten girls. One of the numbers I got was from a chick in the library. She wants me to carpool with her since we live in the same town about an hour from campus. It would be pretty chodely in my opinion to do this so I am not going to call this one. They both had the same name of Crystal as well. Crystal #2 was a lot better looking than this girl. This girl is easily a 8.5 maybe 9. Not very tall but has it going everywhere. We are on for a study date if I approach her again after class.

So overall my result was terrible but it is Week 1 and I am slowly starting to get into it again. I need to be careful and study a lot as well. Just following beautiful woman and staring at their ass all day must be slowly  limited on a daily basis.
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