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So I've now gone out with this one girl a couple times, and I had one from a class invite me to go with her and a couple friends to Vegas today. These are small events, but I know as long as I keep working hard I'll get where I want to be. I occasionally notice the desire I have to revert back to older behaviors (super clingy / not confident). But the fact that I even notice them now is a big step for me. When I'm with a girl, I can generally maintain a presence mind and just go with the flow. But it's when I'm not with one that I notice myself kind of daydreaming about where these VERY introductory relationships will go. I'll generally snap myself out of it pretty quick though. It's nice that I'm beginning to see progress but progress is slow. Because progress is slow I just need to have patience with myself and know that I will make mistakes, and not to stress myself out over those mistakes. I figure as long as I keep talking to girls and keep pushing the envelope I'll be balling hard in no time.
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