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I haven't been going out to bars so much lately, so I've been mainly approaching girls during the day. I'm pushing myself to talk to more and the more I talk to the easier it gets for me. But the problem I'm having right now is that I'm having trouble getting more than just a quick blow off. I've noticed that when I know where I'm trying to lead the conversation, I'll get there even though I'll stumble or trip over my words. But in trying to just get myself used to talking to girls in a calm fashionable manner, when approaching a random quickly without much forethought I'll sound like a bumbling fool and they'll stare at me like "what is this guy talking about?" Would it be a good idea to have not set routines or lines (I don't like routines), but rather to have certain endpoints to keep in mind as a place to lead the conversation? If so what would be some good examples of that?
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For me, as i learnt here in RSD is all about being natural and doing what you want to do, If you just want to approach the girl cause she is cute and you like her, just approach her and tell her that or just say hi and put the pressure on her. Then just talk about whatever you want or called your attention about her.

Silences are not bad if they see you are ok with that and doesnt throw yourself from your center. For me thats the theory but then its true that when anxiety is very high you cant control it and you automatically start reacting towads the girl, and she can see that xD

But as Tyler says, if you have a set goals in the intercourse of your journey, those rejections would make you stronger as you have a comittement to it.

Hope it helped!
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Thank you very much. That makes sense to me. I went hiking with this girl the other day and it went pretty well mainly because I wasn't over thinking it. I was trying to just keep calm and be myself. Now if I can take that to the streets I think I'll be good.
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