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December was really the first month where I saw some progress. I didn't notice it at the time but looking back upon it, I approached more girls, got more numbers and went out with more girls than I can ever remember doing so previously. I still get approach anxiety but I try my best to just ignore it until it goes away and then I seem to be on point. I still have a lot of what you rsd folks would call newbie tendencies and I still get attached to girls for no good reason, very easily. But at the same time it's not nearly as bad as it used to be, and believe me when I say it used to be very bad. One thing I'm starting to get better at is picking up on when girls are actually into me and not letting it have an effect on my additude or personality.

I just need to keep going out and talking to girls and I'm sure I'll be where I want to be in no time. This is my year for growth in all aspects of my life especially in relationships with all people.

Happy new years and much love RSD, I'm sure I'll have some questions pretty soon, so keep reading.
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