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    Ryans article today inspired me to write my first entry and add to his. I haven't been very active in the field or on the forums but like so many others I really do like this stuff... Not so much for getting girls but for having the ability to better myself.
    This path that we're all on together whether or not we have the same goals IS a way of respecting ourselves. We get into it for whatever reason and maybe we think we already have value or we're unsure of ourselves and our looking for the answers, but we're all ambitious and are attempting to make change in our lives. Which in my oppinion is one of the best ways to find confidence. "We're either growing or we're dieing." and who want to die.

    What I'm saying here isn't any new stuff, I just realize a lot of guys are struggling and frustrated with the proccess but this game in itself is feeding your value and what you offer to people.

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