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About Me: 
Hi I'm BT, I'm from Leeds, England

I'm 18 years of age and now starting to get into the game properly now after a good reading of material over the years. Want me at a club, give me a shout.

I also go college and then studying to go to uni
I like Music, Games, Writing, Logical things (because I love using my brain....sad I know) Some sports, Comedy and many other things that I could go on about.
Favorite Music: 
I like many different types of music, although I just generally have the yes no principle with songs Either they sound good or they don't, regardless of artist Some bands that are outstanding from others are Arctic Monkeys Oasis The Strokes Kings of Leon Saliva RHCP The GazettE Polysics and many many more
Favorite TV Shows: 
Lost Anime of various kinds (I love any basically) Comedy shows - My family, Mock the week, Only Fools and Horses etc Takeshi's Castle and many many more
Favorite Movies: 
The Dark Knight Liar Liar Hot shots part Deux Airplane
Favorite Books: 
I have only just got back into books and I'm going to start reading Out

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