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Night 3 August 19, 2013
This night my roommate and I went back out to tiger land. We went in this club and walked around for about 30 min. I introduced myself to like 5 guys just to get socially warmed up. It was a cheap beer night so every girl had a drink in her hand. It was tuff to try and get physical because they were all holding something in their hand. I was so excited because I was ready to build off of the mistakes that I made 2 nights before. I had to step outside go back to my car listen to some chill music just to relax. So I decided that I needed to get more physical from the beginning. So we went back in the club. There was a ridiculously huge line forming with new girls and of course guys. So we went inside and there was the same problem again with every girl holding a drink. So we stood around and I saw this 2 set. I told my roommate, “Bro, there is a perfect 2 set over there lets jump in!” He was like ok! So I walked over and tapped the girl facing away from me on her shoulder. She turned around and I stuck my handout and grabbed hers then pulled her in close to me grabbing both of her hands. I looked her in the eyes and said “Who are you?” I was nervous as hell due to this being the first real approach that night. She told me her name and said “I have a boyfriend!” I said “That’s awesome! You get 20 points for that!” and gave her a hug. She hugged me back and laughed. Then she pulled me down and said “And he’s in the marines!” I said “Oh my gosh, you get another 20 points for that!” I then hugged her again and she looked at her friend that time not hugging me back. Her friend stood there watching. I felt that was going nowhere. I was going extremely to fast and was not relaxed. So I put my hand on her back and lead her towards her friend and said “So who is this?” And she told me so I shoved her off and grabbed both of her friend’s hands and said “Who are you?” She told me and I was so nervous I went into interview mode. I asked her where did she go to school, what was her major. She said “Kinesiology.” So I told her “Well check out what I can do.” I bent down and picked her up and set her back down. She had that like what the fuck look on her face.” I felt like I had blown it so I said well I have to go and you take care with my hand on her back I patted her stomach with my hand. She said ok then I walked away. My roommate just smiled. We then left the club. We felt the night was young and there was just way to many people in the club. So we went to this place next door called Hookah patio. We walked in and there was this huge empty table. I then looked around and saw this table of girls. I asked them if it was ok if my roommate and I sat with them. They said sure because they were celebrating one of the girls 21st birthday. We introduced ourselves and made little conversation. Then a girl my roommate knew came in Hookah patio with three other friends. They sat down at a different table. I said “Hey guys come sit over here were celebrating my friends birthday! Come on pull up a chair!” They got up and came over. The cutest girl sat by me thank God. They had a guy with them and I quickly introduced myself to him then the girls later. We had a great long conversation and we shared Hookah. I eventually got the girl’s numbers and told them they should go out with us Thursday night. They agreed. I kept flirting with the cutest girl and got physical with her holding her hands for short periods of time and touching her legs. She was comfortable with it. As the night was almost over, the girl who wasn’t the best looking had 2 friends walk in. They were killing every girl in there. One girl literally no lie looked like Megan Fox with black hair. The other looked like some coked up model but she was hot with blond hair. My roommate and I looked at each other like fuarkkkk! The blonde stood over the cutest girl I was flirting with. I quickly introduced myself to her and we began to vibe. I told her to pull up a chair, and she sat between me and the cute girl I was flirting with. The cute girl got so quiet. It was like she knew that she was dethroned. The blonde and me began to vibe a lot and she quickly got comfortable with me telling me about her personal past. It was easy I guess because we had the same interest. I then was able to meet Megan Fox. She was very receptive to me and we had some things in common to. Eventually the cute girl and her ok looking friend left and I gave them both big hugs. What were left were the blonde, Megan Fox, and my roommate. We talked to them for a while. I got the blonde’s number and told her we should do coffee some time. The night suddenly got better. I got Megan Fox’s number. They said they were ready to get out of there so Megan Fox said “Hey, you guys want to come over to our place for wine?” We were like “YEAH!” (It was so needy and scarcity behavior.) We walked out with them and Megan Fox said “You guys riding with us?” I asked her to take us back to my car the next parking lot over and we’ll follow them. So they did. They needed to go to a gas station to get something first so we followed them to a gas station. There was a whole bunch of guys outside. They were trying to talk to the girls and my roommate and I felt like bosses because they rejected them and walked in with us. We grabbed our things, paid for them, and walked out. We then followed them some more. They started driving ridiculously fast and it turned into a high-speed chase. They eventually lost us. My phone was dead and I couldn’t call them because I had gotten their number earlier. We quickly drove back to our apartment to charge my phone. Once it turned on I jumped on it and called the blonde. Her phone was dead. I then called Megan Foxx. It rang and rang and she didn’t answer. I didn’t want to seem needy so I didn’t call back. My roommate egged me to call her one last time. So I did and there was no answer. That was the biggest flake I had ever seen. The night was over. PLEASE HELP!! Getting better though. Actually numbered closed.
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 Night 2 August 17, 2013
This night since the experience I had the night before I decided to try and be myself. I am naturally a social guy. I just wanted to see how I would manage in cold approach. My roommate and I went back to tiger land and went inside of a club. There were so many people there. Dancing and drinking. I don’t drink. I kept saying to him “ok bro we have to approach something.” We kept saying OK! We walked in, out, and around that club for at least 45 minutes rationalizing to ourselves why we didn’t want to approach. Either she wasn’t that pretty, we assumed she had a boyfriend, she smoked a cigarette (even though I don’t personally like girls that smoke), she looked like a bitch. All kinds of rationalizations. So after a while I got sick of just walking around and jumped in. I saw a three set of girls whispering to each other and one of them was drunk. I put my arm around the two outer ones and squeezed the middle one to keep them there. I stuck my head in towards theirs and started talking. I can’t remember what I said. One got away from my arm. So I squeezed the last 2. The one that was drunk said “You can’t take my babies!” Our lips were extremely close to each other when she said this. I said “I don’t want your babies.” She said “These babies are mine.” I looked up a little and I see this short manlet guy running up trying not to be obvious and he was like “Alright girls time to go lets go.” I just ignored him and looked back down. So then I told the drunk girl “I don’t want the babies, I want the momma!” She started laughing and said “You can’t have the momma.” I saw the set was failing so I let go and quickly turned around back to my roommate. He said “Bro, what happened in there?” I told him what happened. Then as I turned back around and saw what the drunk girl looked like, I wanted to puke and yell fuarrrrrrk all at the same time because she was so ugly. I then told myself thank God that set failed! About 30min later we went outside and went back to my car to get some gum. There were these 2 cute girls sitting on my car. One was a fairly tall blonde, the other was a short brunette. The car next to us was theirs and the other car next us was 3 guys and a girl jamming out to some music. They yelled “uh oh y’all are sitting on their car.” I then said “You think it’s ok to sit on random people’s car?!” They immediately hopped up with that shock face. Then they said “Come party with us!” I grabbed some gum and walked over to meet them. I said “Who are you?” They said their name and I began to flirt with the blonde. I tried to get physical with her. I grabbed her hand. Spun her around stuff like that, but I kept backing away from her not getting in her personal space to get physical (newbie mistakes). They enjoyed talking to us though and told us to wait until they got back. So we did and it took forever. But hey, their car was there so they couldn’t leave without it. My roommate suggested that we invite them to this 24 hour restaurant called Louis. So when they came back they brought back some HOT friends. They were between 7.5-10. So the short brunette came back to me and I invited her to Louis. She said “Hold on I have to ask my friend.” I stopped her and said “First, let me tell you about Louis. They have the greatest napkins that just do the most amazing things.” (This was my first week in this town I had never been to Louis so I couldn’t comment on the food because I had never tasted it.) She was so excited that she was like OK and ran up to the hot friends she had bought back and said “Do you guys want to go to Louis? They have the greatest napkins that do the most amazing things!” Next thing I hear is one of the friends yell, while looking at me “WHO THE FUCK SAID SOMETHING ABOUT SOME NAPKINS?!” I started smiling and she repeated it. Then the whole group started looking at me so I knew I had to hurry up and diffuse the situation. So I ran up to the group and realized they had a guy in it. They all had that who is this guy look on their face. I introduced myself to the guy first and diffused him by shaking is hand and grabbing his shoulder at the same time. Once he was diffused the girls were opened. They began smiling and seemed eager to meet me. Then I introduced myself to all of the girls. After that I looked at the tallest girls in the group and said “Are you all models because you all are tall for girls?” The guy said “Yeah we all are models haha!” I just ignored his comment and one girl smiled and said “No it’s just these heels.” Eventually, I was able to talk to that girl outside of the group and she was interested in finding out who I was. I hate I didn’t close. I guess I didn’t see the opportunity. They said they were coming to Louis because they knew where it was so we left and went to Louis. They never showed. The food was good though. I also experienced my first in person flake. Even though we didn’t get any numbers, we did actually talk to girls and got comfortable talking to them. We were excited that we made some progress.
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 Night 1 August 16, 2013
I went out to tiger land with my roommate for the first time. It was the first time that I saw an abundance of beautiful woman. It was such an abundance, it was almost like the true value of beauty was decreased to a minimum. It’s like you know how everyone flips out in regular society when they see a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari. That night it was as if everyone had a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari. There were so many beautiful women, the value of them were not that important anymore. Another example is when I worked at Michael Kors for Christmas break my sophomore year of college. Michael Kors watches cost between $150, on a good day, to $500. As a customer in the store, they only put out one watch so it represents scarcity. So when the customer sees that one watch gleaming underneath that florescent light they can’t help but to break their pocket books and buy it because subconsciously they feel that it is the last one. Girls go crazy over these watches and feel that if you have one you are the stuff! When I had access to inventory in the back, I saw drawers filled with like 50 of each watch stored up. It was amazing to me because in my eyes I saw so much abundance of a thing that consumer society believed to be so rare and so hard to attain. People actually save up for weeks or months to buy just one of these and I’m seeing an abundance of them for the first time. It changes you. If only I could think in the mindset of abundance at all times. To make a long story short we didn’t talk to any of the girls that night. My roommate was used to abundance because he’s seen it before over and over again. The only thing is he didn’t see the value in what he had at his disposal for the past 2 years. I, on the other hand, felt like a kid in the candy store. At that moment I saw how it was important to think in a mindset of abundance. When you think in a mindset of abundance the things that people call valuable in such great abundance become disposable. So if I had accumulated enough balls and decided to walk up to a girl that night and gotten blown out, I wouldn’t have felt bad at all because there was so much abundance I could find another girl who looked better than her in like 5 seconds.
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