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Why wouldn't you want to be anything but yourself anyway?

Was almost tempted to try out something that goes against how I would normal interact with a woman and talk about some shit I really don't care just to see if the "tactic" worked. Lame. Stay true to myself; be interested in what I'm genuinely interested in; have no excuses; approach.

I guess I forget that I can have bad days. 3 approaches and none reciprocating should be no big deal. Just goes to show I got some toughing up to do.
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Looking to fail to learn tonight, especially since I haven't gone out in a while.  I need something to work off of to get me sharp again.
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Since college is out for a month, and I really, really don't like driving around town hoping girls are in stores, I am forced to stick to night game for a while:

monday - off day
tuesday - bar
wednesday - bar
thursday - bar
friday - bar
saturday - bar
sunday - off day

Althought it looks like a lot of days, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are iffy.  Thankfully, I heard of a couple busy places during Wednesdays, so I'll check them out.  Mondays and sundays are dead usually so those are my days off.  I prefer campus sarging during the day but I have no choice.  The hottest days of the week for night game around here are thursdays, fridays and saturdays.  I have a problem staying motivated when I go out solo lately at night so I'll have to watch out for that.  On the plus side, I will have more time to devote to night game now because college is out for a month.

All night game.  I'll see what I can do.
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The above link is a recording I did of myself to help myself remember specific ideas and concepts related to meeting women in general. Sometimes I record things because I feel they are important. Ironically enough, I never really listen to them again but I've found the process to help burn the idea deeper in my mind for some reason.

Anyway, been watching a lot of Justin Wayne pick up from youtube and I liked his style and it helped me remember how important vibing and building connections with girls BEFORE getting a number is.

If you don't know what a true "connection" is, whether it be sexual or platonic, then this recording isn't for you. But if you do know how powerful vibing is then I think you may find this recording interesting.

I'm not claiming to be good because I'm not. I just like to share and bounce ideas, so I am also open for constructive criticism. Thanks :)

P.S. Also realize that these are ideal circumstances. Obviously, cold-approach can be vary random in general but I believe if an idea can help improve your game then that idea is worth knowing so when you are in an instance like that then you have better confidence and direction.
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This is going to be a cool blog because it's going to talk about having FUN (enjoying yourself) meeting girls...

I think there is a problem guys have when trying to meet girls and girls trying to meet guys in that they GET BORED during the process.

Why is it boring?

It's boring because to find someone you need to do a few things:

1. Put yourself in the right situation
2. Wait and be patient
3. Interact
4. Be consistent

All fine and dandy, but what if you try to go out to meet someone alone, for instance, and you imagine in your head it will be boring without any company?

The solution is fairly simple actually--entertain yourself with the girls you talk to!

It's simple in theory, but because a lot of guys focus on gaining "stuff" (i.e. numbers, dates, etc) they forget about HAVING FUN and entertaining themselves.

If you aren't entertaining yourself then you are likely to get bored and give up. So why not look forward to interacting with girls? You should. And a lot of people may think this is common sense, but because guys can be extremely goal oriented, they forget about entertaining themselves. This can be a big problem, so find entertainment via interactions with the girls!

I've been going out lately and getting extremely bored, mainly because I've been solely goal oriented instead of searching for entertainment via interactions. Sometimes it can happen when I approach a girl the entertainment will happen via conversation automatically, but the biggest problem for me is losing focus and getting bored because I'm not focused on interacting and finding entertainment through the process.

So, once again, why is this so cool to know?

1. You'll be entertained and having fun
2. You'll likely approach more
3. Numbers you receive will be more solid because you actually made a connection with a woman (women flake mainly because lack of connection)
4. You'll stay longer


Yes, it's good to be goal orientated, but don't forget about seeking entertainment via interactions!!!!!
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You cannot control what reaction a woman has towards you approaching her. Stop thinking what you say has an impact off the rip, and stop trying to control her emotions and her decision toward your approach.

Literally, once you do your part and approach, you pass the ball in her court. That is where you let HER decide. Stop trying to control her reactions toward your approach because you can't and if you try then you just look like an insecure, controlling jackass.

How simple is that!?

All you need to concern yourself with is YOUR part to make it happen:

1. Approach/introduce yourself to girl
2. State your intent
3. Close

Everything else is up to her to decide. Your words don't mean anything. Stop putting pressur eon what you say or how you approach and just worry about those three things because she will take the rest from there because if your clear in your intentions the BALL WILL BE IN HER COURT and not yours. All you need to do is concern yourself with those three things. Don't worry about what to say or how to say it and stop worrying about where or how to approach because her decision is HER decision.

Stp trying to control EVERYTHING. Meeting women is easy once you realize how simple it is and you stop trying to control everything. You cannot control her decision so stop trying to control it! Just approach and state your intent and the rest is in her court!

Inexperienced guys want to control everything because they think it has an impact, but in reality the reason they are rejected is largely to do with THE GIRL and her issues, not yours. Her "issues" are largely issues of not being prepared for your approach. If she was prepared then it wouldn't be that awkward to her nor would she hesitate to react in a way she feels comfortable with. Guys often get rejected not because of their looks but also because of the woman's issues with social conditioning and her being prepared to react. In other words, if you approach a girl and she feels uncomfortable and rejects you then who's problem was that really? Yours or hers? Hers... because the ball was in her court after you approached and thus it was her turn to bounce the ball back. If she has an issue with you bouncing th eball in her direction then THAT IS HER PROBLEM and HER issues.
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How do you get into meeting women when you're completely out of it? How do you expect to go from no motivation to motivation to focus and to success? A lot of it comes from knowing what it takes to gain that motivation and drive and focus.

Recently I've discovered a good way to gain motivation to meet women when I have no motivation. There are two ways off the top of my mind:

1. Meditation
2. Putting yourself in the situation

Meditation is basically sitting down somewhere quite and relaxing and just thinking about what it is you want and how you are going to get it. When you meditate you're essentially prepping your mind for the activity you want to pursue. If anything, meeting women is mainly what they call "inner game" (aka being in tune within yourself). If your inner-self isn't prepared then you are going to have a very difficult time meeting women. Once again, meditation helps you ground yourself, and it helps especially if you haven't been out meeting women lately. When you meditate you can sit down and just rehash things in your mind and rediscover what it is you want to do and how you are going to make it happen, or you can jot down notes and do it that way--I often do the notes. Anything that involves grounding the inner-you, whether it be motivation through books, audio, blogs, etc., is meditation. The desired effect is that you are grounded and centered and mentally prepped for what you want to do.

Another good way is putting yourself in the situation. By putting yourself in the situation of meeting girls when you're not motivated, you will essentially be forcing yourself to focus on what it is you need to do to meet women. For example, let's say you aren't motivated so you go out to a bar to get motivated to meet girls. When you arrive unmotivated or not focused, your brain will be asking you why you are there in the first place; what is it you want to accomplish; there is a pretty girl over there, how can I approach, etc. By putting yourself int he situation and forcing yourself to observe what it is you really want it will help identify what it is you need to do to accomplish meeting girls. Use that experience of going out when you're not motivated and meditate on that experience of how you felt to put you back on track of motivation and focus for the next time you go out.

Once again, these things are good when you are NOT motivated, and they will help you gain motivation and focus. When you've been out of it for a while, you need to prep yourself all over again from scratch--it is an ongoing progression that needs to be honed. The more you are actively meeting women, the less you will need to hone yourself. Likewise, the less you are meeting women, the more you will likely have to hone yourself.
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Approaching women is not awkward to a lot of women for the simple fact that they are approached often, and as pretty women, many of them expect to be approached, and it even makes them feel good because it confirms their beauty. Men who see approaching as awkward are seeing it from their perspectives as men who are not approached often and do not fully understand a woman's reality.
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Hey guys. I'm going to start doing a lot of blogs related to dating and meeting women. I didn't want to blog here often because I see how the blogs formulate on the forums and I didn't want to take up too much space, but oh well.

Day game has been massively shitty for me lately. I have developed approach anxiety all over again these last couple days. Today was pretty bad because I saw a whole bunch of pretty girls college I could of approached but didn't. I also went to local stores and walked around for hours to different places but nothing. The thing that sucks about trying to meet women during the day is I don' live in a really big city so i'd take me forever to go to stores and look for women. My best bet is to strictly limit the places I go to that GUARANTEE places where hot women will be. I've been putting it off ever since I started gaming (long time ago) but I think I may just try it because my day game something I really need to meet women in or I'll be mainly focused on bars which I don't only want.

I'm going to solely focus on women stores--shit that has like NO relevance to me whatsoever. I really never wanted to go to places like this because it's embarrassing and I really have no business in places like that, but it should be a hell of a lot more productive than walmart or target or lame places I have been going. I'm going to focus on clothing stores, beauty spas....pretty much everything that says "girls shop here" all over it. No more dicking around in places that men and women go to so I appear "normal". I'm sick and tired of driving around all day to stores to meet no one. Maybe I'll just say I'm shopping for my mom or some shit?

I need to quit being a and man up and embarrass myself already.
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Once upon a story, a man texted girls to hang out at his place for a movie.  The girls would never tell him why they stopped talking to him.  Then magically he stopped being stubborn and called intead of texted, and he also set up frist dates outside of his home, and ironically they stopped flaking as much.  True story bro.

'nuff said.
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