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I'm a bit of a forum junky, I must admit. I was on another forum since 2005 then I asked to get permanently banned because I was getting tired of so many negative-Nancys, but I miss that forum because it was very diverse in subjects. I currently trying to fill the void somewhere else online. I don't want to make my FR a personal blog per say, and I feel like this blog is kind of lame, w/e.

Anyway, I'm just going to start talking because I'm bored...

Definitely do NOT feel like going out tonight, especially solo. Haven't approached in a little over a week. Don't feel like hitting up the bar especially in the state I'm in (introverted), but I know it'd eat me up if I didn't being it's friday and I finally have time to devote to pick up, so I'll go out. I'll probably think of something to be excited about before I go there so I can at least not derail my objective of talking to women.

I know RSD instructors and other longtime players in the game say that they are always learning more about pick up. Tyler says after 10 years he is still learning. With that said, I don't necessarily want to say I know EVERYTHING, but I feel like for the most part a lot of my question about "game" is somewhat answered "theoretically". For the most part, at least where I'm at now, I know I'm a good conversationalist; I know I have a lot to offer; I respect myself, and I know there are random elements of game beyond my control. So considering this, I know what I'm lacking to make my game better, and that is approaching more and trying to close more 9numbers, dates, lays). It sounds so simple but yet I've always questioned too deep into the shit thinking it was something else. If women are attracted to a man of "value", then I know I have that and I don't supplicate. If I'm nervous I'm OK with it and don't attach it to my main character because it's not, and if I'm confident I know the reasons. What else can I be if I know I'm everything? The only thing that I can manipulate is my output and how people initially perceive me. If game is mainly in favor for men with "value", which I know I have, then why aren't I getting girls? Lol. That answer is simple, and I already answered it above: not enough action. I think the thing I still can improve on is emotional fluctuation with game, which can be complicated--maybe more than I realize at the moment?

If I can stay indifferent to rejection while at the same time taking massive action I don't see why I can't succeed at this point. It's easy to say now while out of the field, but emotions are different inside, but not like they used to for me. Now it's mainly boredom and laziness.


Missing that sexual chemistry I had with my last GF. I miss the feminine energy and the excitement of that chemistry. It made life more interesting and magical. She wasn't even that, that hot but it was still there, that energy, and I appreciated her essence. Lol, when I talk like this we can all be assured I have no females in my life and need to get my game up again lol
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