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This is going to be a cool blog because it's going to talk about having FUN (enjoying yourself) meeting girls...

I think there is a problem guys have when trying to meet girls and girls trying to meet guys in that they GET BORED during the process.

Why is it boring?

It's boring because to find someone you need to do a few things:

1. Put yourself in the right situation
2. Wait and be patient
3. Interact
4. Be consistent

All fine and dandy, but what if you try to go out to meet someone alone, for instance, and you imagine in your head it will be boring without any company?

The solution is fairly simple actually--entertain yourself with the girls you talk to!

It's simple in theory, but because a lot of guys focus on gaining "stuff" (i.e. numbers, dates, etc) they forget about HAVING FUN and entertaining themselves.

If you aren't entertaining yourself then you are likely to get bored and give up. So why not look forward to interacting with girls? You should. And a lot of people may think this is common sense, but because guys can be extremely goal oriented, they forget about entertaining themselves. This can be a big problem, so find entertainment via interactions with the girls!

I've been going out lately and getting extremely bored, mainly because I've been solely goal oriented instead of searching for entertainment via interactions. Sometimes it can happen when I approach a girl the entertainment will happen via conversation automatically, but the biggest problem for me is losing focus and getting bored because I'm not focused on interacting and finding entertainment through the process.

So, once again, why is this so cool to know?

1. You'll be entertained and having fun
2. You'll likely approach more
3. Numbers you receive will be more solid because you actually made a connection with a woman (women flake mainly because lack of connection)
4. You'll stay longer


Yes, it's good to be goal orientated, but don't forget about seeking entertainment via interactions!!!!!
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took me a bit to understand what your saying. but your saying go have fun (be entertained) but also have a goal else you will end up no where?
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Basically, just look forward to going out solo because chances are you have a good chance of meeting a girl who you'll actually have fun with
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