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The above link is a recording I did of myself to help myself remember specific ideas and concepts related to meeting women in general. Sometimes I record things because I feel they are important. Ironically enough, I never really listen to them again but I've found the process to help burn the idea deeper in my mind for some reason.

Anyway, been watching a lot of Justin Wayne pick up from youtube and I liked his style and it helped me remember how important vibing and building connections with girls BEFORE getting a number is.

If you don't know what a true "connection" is, whether it be sexual or platonic, then this recording isn't for you. But if you do know how powerful vibing is then I think you may find this recording interesting.

I'm not claiming to be good because I'm not. I just like to share and bounce ideas, so I am also open for constructive criticism. Thanks :)

P.S. Also realize that these are ideal circumstances. Obviously, cold-approach can be vary random in general but I believe if an idea can help improve your game then that idea is worth knowing so when you are in an instance like that then you have better confidence and direction.
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