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So who am I?

I grew up in a small town in the north of Norway with three thousand people. I was the gotoguy in my class everyone came to me for advice for everything from schoolwork to videogame. I never applied myself to school and still I got good grades and every teacher loved having me in their class, but I was never viewed as a geek, remember I was the gotoguy.

So life was great, and as such life decided to throw me a curveball. We were moving, from my small socialbubble to a town 3 times as big at age fourteen. No biggie I thought and I was no biggie, two weeks at a new school I had a new girl. Life again was great and if I had any doubts despite my no biggie mentality they were gone. Five years passes and I`m still with that first girl, we were the perfect couple in my mind. Time had now come for college and we had decided to apply to different courses at the same college in Tromsø.

Now is where it gets interesting to use a cliché. Out of the blue my girl calls me and says she is changing her application to apply for a different college. “BOOM” my life was in ruins, but still on the high mindset I decided to go to college anyways. I remember thinking when I arrived
“This is college and there are tons of hot girls here I will be swimming in girls”
I could not have been more wrong. In retrospect I have realized that I have never been challenged intellectually and I now found myself in a college situation with two hundred people in my class and everyone were working really hard and I was on that not apply myself mode.
So I now see that I`m alone in this world for the first time ever.
It was now time for me to plow through some girls and make myself feel better. This was the time I saw myself from a different perspective then the gotoguy and my belief in my game was failing. Remember that it had been 5 years since I had good game if any at all. And I did as any good student would go on a drunken stupor for a period that I don’t remember much from, I literally drank every single day, but only after I had put in the minimum required time at class. My life was a mess, I had no control and I started to feel depressed and so I started to wonder. What was the root to all this? Why was I this far down?
And it hit me I needed to change.

This is where I was in June, after barely passing my exams. Strangely change is not as easy as realizing that you need it. I will turn twenty one this year and I have started taking steps to change.
In January a friend gave me my first peak into this world, by handing me a copy of “the Game”
Unfortunately my friend lives at the bigger town and it is like nine hundred kilometers from Tromsø, but fortunately for me he had a good run at poker and on a high he ordered the whole social dynamics dvd range. So this is where I`m at I am starting to plow through all this mind altering material.

This is me and I am starting this weekend, trying to forget all I knew and starting the new and improved me. I have yet to define long term goals but my first goals is getting out at least two times a week, and I don’t mean like before.
I am out of stuff to say, but please drop a few comments and some tips
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typical story ;) , welcome, prepare yourself for an awesome journey towards the person you want to become! 
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