Project Butterfly

So day 2…

After viewing what I wrote yesterday I see that I was not clear, my story is like I thought I had game and when really tried to get a girl I failed. I failed and failed again, so that started a downward spiral and eventually I saw that I needed to change. I probably started on the wrong disc set because I watched transformation for while and I really identified with a lot of what the instructors was saying, but I did not see what I could learn from it. I see now that I have to start with foundation, but I`m glad I started with transformation because I found what Jeff said about mentality was great.
My mentality is negative, and I need to change that. But it is not all bad I actually have a few of the mindsets that is mentioned, I don’t care that much and I don’t have any fear for meeting new people and talking to them, I don’t have the magic pill mentality.
I have decided what to do and how to do it.

Long term
Blog once a week
Start working out again (starting today actually)
Go out at least two times a week
Stop drinking for this time
Go to boot camp
View the entire disc set from RSD
Being active in the forums

The goals of this week is
Go out Friday and Saturday
Work out Monday and at least two times more
Start eating healthier
Watch the entire Foundation disc set.
Start saving for boot camp

This is my start, this is my project, start Project Butterfly.
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