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 First time going out solo in a while.  Meditated for 20 min before I went out.

So obvioulsy Im a little bit nervous but as soon as I walk out my car I was super chilled out.  Like before I would always try to do something ridiculous like a down low high five to a pedestrian but tonight i said fuck that and was just being me.

So I go into the club where I have gotten to be pretty good friends with the bouncers.  So I definitely feel welcome.  No one is in there so I go upstairs.  See two blondies at the bar.  A 7 with her fatty friend.  Just walk up super casualy and honestly open with "hi ladies."  They are super responsive.  Im just chilling back acting super calm because I really was that way tonight.  I honestly didnt care about getting laid, I was just happy to talk and bullshit.  At one point the girl tells me that  "Im being super mysterious....and its not working" which tells me shes into it.  But its the first set of the night so I let them go.  Head to the other bar across the street thats popping off.  

Theres a long ass line to get in.  You can usually just go in the bar side of the place but the bouncer is herding people to the line to get in through the front.  I think for second what Im going to do.  Since I know the guy a little I just decide to casually hand him my ID like I expect to get in without any anxiety over it.  It was a wierd zen feeling.  So I give it him, he looks at and says "I can't let you in....pause...but since your here all the time come on in."  Lol awesome, It was like he felt that I didnt give a shit.  So the place is crowded, Im a little stiffled at first cuz everyones dancing around me and Im in the chillest vibe ever.  Hesitate on a group of girls and decide to walk around for a sec.  Immediatly spot my next target and go in.  Dont remember what I opened with but I walked right the fuck in there without thinking anything.  Again, a 7 with a fatty friend.  Anyways we spent like an hour together on and off dancing and her friend was like her personal bodyguard.  It was hilarious, she would she a guy eying down my girl and hug her tight so the dude wouldnt approach.  At one point the friend wispered to me "its ok, Im just guarding her from these creeps"...aka she wants her friend to be with me.  So we play thumbware, get really close, pull away, playful argue a little then when i lead them outside for some fresh air they leave.  Get her number...her friend put it in for me lol.  So that was cool.  

Next, me and my buddy who I happened to come across at the bar go to the third bar in the ABQ rota.  He gets up on two girls, I swoop around and talk to the friend who is a 7 as well.  Have an honestly down to earth good exchange and turns out she is engaged.  I keep talking cuz I dont see anything else around and she is a fun girl.  Anywhooo I leave after a bit and scout the place out.... nothing.  

Leave and go back to the first place where I see the girl who said I was mysterious.  She sees me and tries to walk by with a smile and I say "I dont get a hug?" lol, I just grab her and hug her.  She says she is sad cuz she lost her phone and asks me where her phone is.  I say, "how the fuck would I know where your phone is"...I was just so not giving a fuck that I thought this was cool to say in a serious manner.  She kinda looks at me wierd and walks away.  5 minutes later we meet again and I tell her Im sorry for acting like a dick cuz I really felt that way.  She says she doesnt think I am and walks away.  Not in a dismissive way...I could have persisted but said fuck it.  Anyway, just texted the one number I got.  

So for a night out by myself, I HAD A LOT OF FUCKING FUN JUST BEING SUPER CHILL.  I didnt do anything "socially unacceptally crazy" to "boost my state."  I was just me.  I like being a calming presence.  It calms down others and this in turn calms me down.  Im not saying that Im pinging off others, but I can see them coming into my state.  Great night. GO ATHLETICS.
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Nice. I have these kind of nights a lot.  They're a bit tricky I feel as you do have fun regardless of hooking up.  They also mess with me at times because I feel like I'm not doing enough even though I'm enjoying myself.  Approach laziness...evil cousin of approach anxiety.  
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