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 Start out chilling in the bar for a bit.  Approach the heineken girl...flirt a bit...just a warm up.  Walk around...see a hottie on the stairs...say something super retarded like "you're not going anyhere now" and she looks at me all scared.  Then I tell her I just want to talk to her and she opens right up.  Her friend steps in saying they are lesbians, and I just tell her that she is lying and that she does that so guys will leave them alone.  She agrees.  I keep talking to the hottie, flirting, touching her.  She's wearing this leather jacket and I button the top button only and proceed to call her a cholo.  Then I tell her were guna get her some long shorts and high socks, as well as neck tats and a tear tattoo.  Playful stuff, she loves it and is calling me hilarious.  Tells me I should work for in be an abercrombie fitch dude. But Im like "I would only take pictures if it was of us two."  I dont like the staircase so I tell them we're going to the bar...they follow.  I chat with the bar girl that I am friends with who is also pretty cute.  The two girls get bored and hottie tells me to find her later.  I ignored her and talked to the bar girl  intentionally.  See another cutie...just get right up in her grill and tell her she is cute, whats her name.  Get her name, chat for a sec, friends comes in and pulls her away...I tell her that Im going to get her from behind when she leaves and I think I freaked her out. HAHA.  Go onto the dance floor.  See the hottie but she is a ways away.  I notice a girl dancing up on a 2 foot step.  I just go over, pick her up, and put her down and dance with her.  That was cool.  She plays push pull like dancing with another guy and ignoring me then grabs me by the hand and tries to lead me out but I tell her Im staying with my friends.  I want the hottie.  Right then I turn around and hottie is staring at me thru a bunch of people.  I go over there say some stupid shit and lead her off the dance floor by hand.  Of course her friend has to come along.  So we stop at the bar for a sec cuz where else was I guna go....and she tells me they are going to the  bathroom.  Im like fuck, I wanna escalate but say ok.  I expect to see her around again but I don't.  DAMN! She was hot too...shoulda just grabbed the number when I had the chance.  Ended up playing it too cool.  Rest of the night there was a couple more approaches but they weren't hot and it was just for the purpose of approaching
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