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Here's the deal.  I need some clarity in the what the fuck I am trying to do.  I am an impulsive motherfucker by nature and if things don't happen immediately I get pissed/want to quit.  Its something that I took note of a couple years back and have made rogress but its time to change that shit.  I want to achieve mastery.  No more of this petty result oriented thinking. So, I want to come up with a "solid gameplan" as Nathan would say, aka Goals.  Without any clarity I'm basically just walking around aimlessley trying to get laid.  That is a waste of time.  I want to do things for a greater purpose so that I can begin my detachment from results.  I would really love to hear some tips on goal setting from anyone that has experience.  I have a general picture of what I want to be ( A confident, risk taking man with rock solid frame) but struggling with how the fuck do I get there.  It seems far away, possibly due to all the reading I've done and comparing myself too much to other people but regardless, I still feel like an inadaquate sometimes.  It is easy to fall back into this crybaby thinking without clarity.  So if anyone has advice, please let me know.  
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