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 Ok so I just had my first taste of success post RSD introduction.  I just want to mark it down and write this so I will remember and also cuz its fun to write shit about getting laid. 

I was at school about a week ago.  Sitting down at the coffee shop and a girl walked by me.  We exchanged eye contact.  She sat down just close enough to where we had a clear view of each other.  So we have a looking contest for a bit and I think to myself..."I could just sit here and know what is going to happen, or go over and see what will happen."  I still pass on these situations sometimes, but this time I just felt like it was so right cuz of the eye fucking going on.  I do my usual shit like think about all the people sitting around her and think they will all hear everything I say, but I said ot myself, fuck this, just GO.  So I did, we had a cool convo and we had a vibe but it wasnt anything insane.  So I get her number.  After a week of really sketchy on and off texting she texts me, "whats up" tonight.  Im at a party and tell her to come by after work.  She does.  We go outside to my car and drink some beer then get in and listen to music for a while.  Eventually she says to me, "Should I leave" and I signal I dont give a fuck and she starts to leave.  Then I pull her back in and give her a quick makeout and ask if she feels better.  She says yes.  So we get back to my house and fuck.  For as many stupid things as I thought I said with this girl and some of the bullshit needy or insecure feelings I had going on I still ended up banging the shit out of her and it was awesome.  So basically, It is so cool to get a true pick-up fuck under my belt.  This aint anything to brag about, but now I know that it truly is possible to do this....and still fuck up alot.  A's lost to verlander today but he is a fucking beast.  We'll be back. GO ATHLETICS
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