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 Went out last night.  Me and two of my buddies.  We decided to go to this gay club which has the best music, best setup, and best party atmosphere for the area.  Ive recently been drinking more than usual when going out but tonight my buddies wanted to get really fucked up so as not to be tripped out by all of the gay guys around us.  So we get hammered.  Anyways...

First Set

Two very average girls (most of the pairs of girls are lesbians but not going to make any assumptions)....I hesitate for a sec then go in and hip bump her and accidently step on here toe.  HAHA.  Just another lesson not to think.  So it just felt wierd and I move away.

Two strong ass drinks later Im really really fucked up.  Now Im going hard in the paint.  Right now its hard for me to even remember this but it all came back to me and I want to get it down/reflect.

2nd set

Three girls grinding on each other.  Go in with "I can do way better than that.." The girl immediatly gets out of the way and lets me get at my target.  We grind for a little.  I dont remember what happens after that. 

3rd set

Two girls dance on this table in the corner of the dance floor but is obviously visible to everyone.  Just hop right on up there with no hesistation.  I get in the middle of them and grind on my girl while not totally ignoring the other.  After a second of that bullshit I pick my girl up wrap her legs around my waist and push against the wall.  I mean I honestly dont even remember what this girl looks like but I was in this drunken zone. 

So a few more sets go down like this.  You might be wandering why Im writing such a boneless blog but heres what I got out of it.  Its obvious, but my drunken state is my obvious approach state.  I dont give a fuck, Im not aware of what others are thinking, and Im just doing me.  I am acting out of basic human nature to fuck girls.  But closing however, Is basically impossible.  SO, I want to get to the point where I can soberly approach girls like this.  A lot of times I question whether or not I am capable of doing this, but I learned last night that I can.  In the past I would have viewed last night as a waste of time because I "wasn't growing" because I was "cheating" and getting drunk.  I mean I fully know that you dont grow your game when your fucked up, but I did take away from last night that somewhere deep inside me is a beast.  Ive never looked at like that, I always thought the drunken me wasnt "me" and I couldnt ever get to that state.  The light is at the end of the tunnel.  Also I just watched Jeffy's video on the lifestyle thing and I couldnt agree more.  My other post about the hot girl I went on a date with was exactly what Jeffy was talking about.  I knew it too because I was holding onto a belief not conducive to pick up.

Also, if anyone reading this lives in Albuquerque and wants to approach a lot of girls shoot me a message.


One more thing.  Check out this excellent article on charismatic traits... link< >. What is your guys' opinion on this?  I struggle with the balance of self-love and this approach towards personality. 
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