Cadaver Instinct

Everything is going so well. Benefits from meditation, yoga, breathing, exercise, and clean foods have done wonders to my brain and body. I feel like a super woman. I feel unstoppable. 

Which means putting myself to the test. Whenever I plateau in my greatness, I know I must go further. I've had everything covered, engaging strangers in a friendly and fun way, being strangely silly at all times, taking itty-bitty steps out of my comfort zone. All is spectacular!

This evening I was at a bar after my Toastmasters session (a public speaking thing, check for one near you and go sit in as a guest!). Live music, fellow Toastmasters, my gift of gab... I get up to dance alone infront of the cute little stage in this irish pub. And BAM, I see a girl sitting alone on her phone. Without any processed thought, I engage in my first ever cold approach.

To be fair, I have done the kiss-close-within-seconds a couple of times, but it's not the same as going up and chatting. Also, those experiences lacked intent, I was just feeling wild.

I immediately sit next to her. In seconds I summon her to dance "Come dance", she resists a bit. "Come. Now. Now. Now.", grabbing her arm and bringing her to the frontier of the stage. We do our little wibble-wibble slow dance, which was physically awkward, but I personally felt alright having been fucked up on all that awesome positive energy. I ask her name, blah blah blah, all the while feeling like an embodiment of Julien. Screening. Direct. Eye contact.

Yes, my first cold approach with some intent. I can be direct because I've practiced the methods RSD coaches teach in many aspects of life. Also, I do not fear rejection.

All in all, there was no spark, but I was doing it to just do it. I brought her back to her table, knowing I had to go, I sweetly ask for a kiss on the cheek. "No, I don't kiss girls" she says. That responce explained the mild awkwardness emitting from her, so much conditioning! 

"Okay, blow me a kiss!" I say sitting next to her, now just testing the waters. What interests me most is not succeeding in pick-up but rather the strange behaviour and values of us obscure creatures.

"No." she says. I figure, out of principal, which is cool. I tell her "say no three more times", some more random and quick shit spilling out of my mouth and maintaining eye contact. Say it was nice meeting her, and then move on.

After, on my way home. I approached another. Pushing that limit of comfort is my addiction. Some cute chick reading a book, obviously I inquire about the book. Screening once again. "Do you love it?" - "Are you in love with it?" - "tell me about reading"

her: what do I say

"just tell me everything, I want to know everything about reading."

Her metro(subway) stop was soon after, her name was Lane, and then she was gone.

Afterwards, I was at a McDonalds in order to fill up my waterbottle. I found myself checking a girl out, and remembered what Tyler said about how he FORCES himself to approach after being that guy who grills a girl from afar. I took it to heart. I just went up, fully authentic; "Hey." pause.

This girl, pretty cute, looks up and is a bit startled and has red eyes. I figured she was stoned which meant not much happened to our interaction. I just approached to approach, anyhow. To know that I cold-approached three girls. 

After, I found myself opening everyone. In one way or another. Every human being who showed remote acuity to my precense. I will atleast smile and say aloud "hi!". Normally, I just smile.

The feeling is so addictive. It is amazing. It makes you feel very capable, and especially dynamic. 

I am three quarters asleep, good night, go approach.
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The year two-thousand-and-thirteen is coming to an end. Take a deep breath and reflect a bit............ Did it feel good?

To look back and see yourself and what you have done...

Maybe, there was a lot you HAVEN'T done?

Well, It's a good thing you are presumably reading this now, with time to spare.

The year TWO-THOUSAND-AND-THIRTEEN, will soon just be apart of history. Another year with a few stories to tell, or actively supress into the depths of your mind. 

Normally, this is the time to begin anticipating all of the New Year's Resolutions you plan on adopting (and eventually disregarding), but I believe this time of the year ought to be about something else...

The year is coming to an end, and it is time to do everything you should have done since the beginning of 2013. It is time to go crazy. It is time to go kiss that starbucks employette on the mouth. It is time to build a fucking snow fort, if snow is available. Otherwise, MAKE SNOW AVAILABLE, the year is ENDING. It is time to throw a party. It is time to yell in public and challenge the social script. It is time to fuck up. It is time to humiliate yourself.

(Taking this moment of shameless self-promotion: )

"But...but... I can't!"

If there's anything I knew in the last few weeks of being a seventeen year old, it's that I would be turning eighteen(duh), into a WHOLE new age bracket. If anyone, including myself, felt inclined to question my final decisions as a seventeen year old, my argument was "Oh yeah, well, I was a kid back then".

Believe me, I was saying it plenty even a day after my birthday, in regards to a bad self-inflicted burn and a run-in with the police. And some other juvenile activities.

Before you doubt living the end of the year to it's fullest, YOUR fullest, because of your image in the past year and what people may think- consider the LEVERAGE you will have...

"No, no... See, I will be that person NEXT year." -Some 2013 LU0ZER2.0

No... No!

At least, if you go all out for the remainder of two-thousand-and-thirteen, a time that will soon just be a mark in history, you can at least justify strange and liberating behaviour with "Oh, yeah, well that was 2013...".

The juicy secret I will fill you in on: It is going to be a magical stepping stone to achieving the lifestyle you want to adopt in the following year. Aggressively rewrite your script. In fact: Tear up the script and pretend it never even existed. 

"Woah, I managed to pull a stripper... Fight a polar bear... Start a hilarious and engaged conversation between strangers on public transportation... Met fifty new friends... Fifteen new enemies... Lose my virnity... To a STRIPPER?! All in the last week of two-thousand-and-thirteen. What a riot... Who will I be this year?"-Some 2013 Hero

And even if polar bear passed you an STD, the stripper kicked your ass, and everyone on public transportation took a shit on your face... That was just the YOU of two-thousand-and-thirteen.

Don't sit around dreaming about the "new-you" of NEXT YEAR.

Embrace the end of the year without hesitation.

You will feel empowered and capable of so much more going into the New Year, if you aim to finish 2013 as if it were the LAST year EVERRRRR. 

Have fun!


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