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Well now, there is a lot of Cold Reading Systems and Methodology written since the early days of Vaudeville. Most of these system methods are fine however, many of the previous systems will only give you a good conversation basis to build on providing you take only the best fragments of this material.

Trained as a Mentalist (not like those people you may have seen on some late night television show) but the real deal. The primary reason for the mentalist act by design is to entertain and make money. In the past, I worked as a Faith Healer, Mentalist, and a few other assorted professions. So when I tell you this: My cold reading system works. You’re left with little doubt it does in fact provide strong results.

Using Cold Reading for the express concept of the pick up can be extremely powerful when used at the right time. Although, much of the cold reading used by Pick Up Artist, Wing men, and apprentices is week unusable crap. For only one reason, a new person or old pro to the game will only copy a routine verbatim and not incorporate the idea or the lines into his own style. If there is one thing and only one thing a target can spot at a distance of twenty feet or more is a fake. Since by this time spent a lot of time and effort on your look and attitude to get a solid first impression and not come off as a fake. Why in the hell, would you copy a cold reading routine verbatim?

I have decided to offer up my personal cold reading system of ideas and line to Pick Up Artist and not offer or sell it to the mentalist or magic community. Why am I doing this? The Mentalist and more precisely the magic community as a whole is over run with greed and cheap products. Besides the best thing in life should be free should they not.

Now I am not going to hold your hand and teach you all I know about cold reading. I am going to give you my system of dialog that you can use in person, via text messaging, or even on the phone. Yes, this stuff is just that strong. There are only a few rules I would like to point out. The first rule is make the line and its concept yours make it must seem as it comes from you and not me. The second rule is use what ever fits your personality and leave the rest. The third and finial rule is having a follow through routine ready. After the first routine, you lay down on the target turn to here friend and use a different line for them. When there are groups of ten or more girls cold read each one of them. This will impress the group as a whole and move your target to the next stage. Even if your target about to be married the next day the ground work is already set on her friends and that hot perfect ten that watched you from a crossed the room.

Enough with the preamble and lets get down to the business at hand. Cold reading is nothing more than making a general statement that can apply to anyone. The whole art of the cold read is making the target seem it is directed to and for them and them alone. This can be done several ways. First use your voice to deliver the concept some may be spoken in a normal voice while others may best delivered while touching her shoulder and whispering it into her ear. This will add a very important element to the routine. Here is how, the friends of the target will ask their friend “What did he tell you?” You’re still the topic of conversion after you have left the group. I should not even have to tell you why but I will say this “Lasting Impression” for the new Pick up artists in training.

This material is set up as individual sections. Combine one section with another section to make the follow up routine.

I will start with How to know a persons name when you have never met or been introduced to.

Used correctly this technique can pop panties right off the target in 5 minutes. My personal recorded was at a bar in Cincinnati, Ohio. The girl was naked in 3 minutes 52 seconds in the girls restroom stall.

There are a couple ways of running this routine. First, you must understand it’s a swindle. Her name did not really appear to you out of thin air, although this is what you must make it look like. Use this after you have started the standard cold reading routine. This gem will add power to ever thing else, you do. For example, she says something really anything all you have to say is “I know Right” don’t forget to smile. Here is a few ways to do “how to know their name”.
Start by talking to someone near the target but someone not in that group. Listen for the name or names being used by girls in that group amongst each other while your talking to the other group. You only need one name to make the miracle happen.
Now let’s say in the worst-case scenario you only got the name of one of the other girls in the group and not your target what do you do. It easy and most of you have already figured it out.
You approach start your routine and wait. At some point, you can say for example “now wait I getting something don’t tell me your name it’s “insert name” right? Of course you got it wrong then say “who or where did the name “insert name come from. Then the name you just said will say I am “name”. Now you do a special cold reading for here use the list below.
I will not go into detail about this concept by now you should have the basic idea. The real secret is obtaining the information before you approach. You can always ask a friend outside of the circle what their names are. The key to the concept is presentation of the concept.

In this first section of my cold reading system, you will see some related material to How to know her name. Below are a few concepts that can lead a conversion.

The letter “J” is coming through very strong now…. Jean, Joe, John, Jackie… what’s the connection here?

Key uses the common names of the area you’re in every one on the planet will know one of these names and have a personal attachment to that name. Substitute the letter J for another set of names. For a good source of name buy one of those books on “What should I name my Baby” this is and seemingly endless resource. Remember names given to babies are subject to popular ideas of the time so if you’re going after some girl that’s twenty or so it’s best to use names from that time period. Common name such as John or Jan will almost never fail.

Since this is becoming long post, I will be breaking it up in to several posts.

One of your favorite saying is ‘everything happens for a reason’ now, isn’t that right?
(Smile and nod your head up and down as they agree)

This last phase is so important smile and nod yes I cannot begin to explain this concept enough. If you get nothing else out of this post, get this concept. It enforces yes on the target. Do this until she says “Yes” this is the right person for me. “YES” I want to sleep with him. The word YES is your secret weapon.

I am now seeing you, and you are smiling in a place that you call home. For some reason the number 2 is appearing… is there a number 2 on this place?

(If no, suggest this, perhaps there is a number 2 on the home of someone very dear to you.)

Here is the thing I give you a hint there is the number 2 in my address. She may remember this conversation and think someone very dear to her lives here. This is a subliminal set up. Wake up guys “what you think I talk shit for the hell of it or maybe there is a reason. This is very strong when said at an angle between her friend and your target it should be said between the two of the girls. Get it, Got it, Use it.

There is a very strong aura around you and an energy that is truly powerful. I am sensing vibrations from you much more intense than those I experience with most people I talk too.

This is one of those that can be whispered to her in a crowd. Don’t forget to touch her shoulder. Here is another key be sincere and playful but confident.

Truth be known, you are fiercely independent. You have chosen to live life by your rules. And as you think about this, (short pause) you may begin to recall a specific example in your mind now amused with yourself about how independent you really are.

The bold parts of this can subliminally influence this thought. “You have chosen sex” an illogical idea that her brain will translate to choosing sex with this guy. Because she will think, it will amuse her or at the very least be of some enjoyable curiosity. Let me say this you thought she was the target. Play close attention to the target for sign of being targeted. When it works it works really well but if you miss a sign its you and the next target or your going home with your hand.

Always End on a Positive Note

Looking into your future I see many things…You are Smiling! You seem so happy. There will be unexpected challenges and set backs, but you will manage through them, and I see you feeling stronger and wiser for having endured these tribulations. In addition, as you grow older, I see you developing a profound sense of gratitude for blessings life has brought to you.

This closer reinforces positive idea that the target will associate to you read the above again and notice the bold words these are the words that you must put the vocal inflection on. For example, “unexpected” if used right this applies to her sense that you are the chance encounter she has been waiting for.

In closing let me say there are most likely a few grammar mistakes in the above text. Since I spent most of my time working on the psychology of the concept, and not how to put it into proper grammaticism with out my book editor I truly hope you look at the ideas and not the grammar. If not hope you get a case of one-it is. Therefore, I can bang all of the girls you should have.

Where at end of the first post more on this subject of my cold reading soon.

Written by Bill Montana
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