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Welcome to part two of my cold reading system. In this section I will be offering another addition or two for your use. So here we go.

The experiences you have had in life have made you a bit more perceptive than most. You are wise beyond your years in many ways.

Remember to highlight ex your using it as a subliminal sex. rember to nod your head yes.

There is a sence that you do show your emotions readily. You often feel strong fellings, but keep them inside, isn't this so?

I am getting a powerful impression now... having to do with your powers if intution. You have what might be described almost as a sixth sence, able to sence things are about to happen. At times, you have wondered if you might be psychic.

Here we go again with the NLP stuff. What you said was your getting a powerful impression that things are about to happen. This is a good time to touch her hand pick invisable lint of the clothes and so forth.

I see travel in your future. There is an exciting trip coming up soon. It may be a business trip, but it will turn out to be more pleasure than business.

There are parts of my cold reading psychic system I hate to give away. Since I said I am giving it away here in part two is some above top secert tricks of the trade. What do you think the only trip to her future is?

By this time the target is allready considered you a man of mystery. Go into phase two of your close at this point. Besides I see in your future your doing something you would not want to tell her daddy about.

End Part two
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