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Since most of us like and need the use of touch, I am going to show you how to use my cold reading system in palmistry. This should be done after one or two of the quick reads ask for her hand and say my grandmother to me how to read palms when I was a kid. Point to a unusual spot on her hand the fatty part under her ring finger is good for this since there are many small lines there that are harder to see and it does not look like the rest of the chumps running the routine.

See this area (point) this is telling me you have an unusually strong intuition. Being in touch with this power may be one reason why you are drawn to astrology reading and psychic experiences. Know this area over here point elsewhere on her hand and say I see you are wondering now, really wondering, about someone…very special…very close to you. You are wondering what’s going to happen to them. (5 second pause “what’s going to happen to them?” she says. Your response is that this reading I can only see in your palm what’s going on with you now with someone else. (Smile and laugh). Moving on (make eye contact) would you like to know about your love life or sex life. I only have time for one more reading. Make up your own stuff here keep it professional and remember don not be a chode. You can win or lose the girl right here. So put on the thinking cap and start working on what to say.

This is the end of part four. Any of the meterial in parts 1-3 can be used in palmreading. I once made 500 dollars in an hour at a party reading palms. You shoude know I never looked at a How to read plams book before that party. Since I have read a couple of hundred. But all you really need is to present with confidance to pull it off.
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