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Okay, today I realized that I have been improving. At least with my inner game. I find it very important to improve my inner game. Finding what I like to do, and what i don't like. Next move, getting away from social desirability. Time to get out of that comfort zone, and not be scattered.

Since i'm writing about being scattered anyways, I would like to address that a bit more. Not the 'being scattered' in that sence. I just realize that i'm getting a LOT more talkative, and it's starting to get easier to free associate. I like that, however, there is one little thing. Do you know when you're like in state, enthousiastic, but you feel like you're too enthousiastic, like you're just like a 'wild dog'? Like, one who is so happy to run after a frisbee, but has no idea what to do with it once he catches it? Yet he stayes entirely happy? It's like being on speed. Do you called that 'being scattered'? I don't know. On the other hand, I could notice that others kind of enjoyed the presence, since i brought in a lot of energy. I also noticed that once my energylevel went down a little bit, 'the party was over'. Maybe I'm overthinkging.

I guess it'll handle itself. I trust the proces though. Tips? feel free to post them!
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