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Good morning! It's 03.29 right now. I'll first write about yesterday, reasoning why I did not go out. Looking back at it, I don't really feel bad about it actually. I feel good about it. Yesterday was a day that I was driving my motorbike for like 3 hours straight. I was like completely exhausted. I had to bring it to the garage, at the other side of the country (don't ask me why, long story). Went back by train, and I knew that it would be another 3 hour trip, so I brought a book with me. It's called "The Law of Attraction". This book, this was and still is the reason why I don't feel bad about not going out like, yesterday. It gave me a lot of new insights. 

Insights I thought I would never see, to be really honest. Insights that made me realise that you're getting what you've been asking for all the time. You control your reality. The same can be said about tonight. Tonight was a night on which I wanted to go out, and ... well I did. As soon as I arrived at the club, I did the inner state exersize Tyler talkes about in the blueprint, the one where he explains how you can relax your inner being, while still having a higher energy level. I tried this tonight, and it made me see that there were a lot of opportunities (which i did not take, unfortunately). It made me realise that I AM actually really pretty. That made me feel good. It made me feel good that I realized that I was enough for who I am. That I am doing this, this game, for myself, and myself only. To improve my (social) skills, to become a better person, and because I like it. Even though I still had the usual approach anxiety. But I must say, I was at peach with it. It didn't bother me. Yet now, whle writing this, I still have the feeling that i'm like "no it didn't bother me that i did not approach", even though one of my rules is to approach at least 5 girls a day. Maybe it was because I came in contact with other girls via friends etc. I know I placed myself in the friend zone, but yet again I don't mind.

What I also realized is that there were plenty of opportunities that I could have taken. For example a girl boucing onto me saying 'sorry, i got pushed'. I could easily have taken that opportunity, as an opener. I never saw that these things could be really good openers (especially 5-second-kiss openers, like tyler explains about in the blueprint). Second one was a girl who squeezed by bum. I could (and actually should) have used that opportunity. I did look back at her, with a smile and a funny look though, but I did not take action.

Anyways, to make this long story short, even though I did not approach, I still feel good. It was still quite a nice evening, especially because of the new Insight(s) I have gotten. Wonder what tomorrow will bring. If you ask me, it's me who is going to approach like a mad-man! Not thinking what others think of me, just having my OWN FUN! 

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