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Sup, Suave, aka BigR here,

it's currently 4.16 am. Went out this night, on my own, again. I guess i'm starting to love it, the more I do it. It's funny. It's like you can be more focussed or something. Now i'm not saying that I was focussed this night, but i'll explain that later.

First i'll start off by saying that I had a good day time today. Met a friend who things about things like exactly as me, who is not living in a matrix. Unfortunately he did not agree on going out together. Oh well, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, i am starting to appreciate going out on my own. There is, however, a slight downside to this, so I have figured out. When I go out on my own, and run into some friends of mine, I tend to go with them, and be the 'same shit-different day' guy aka entering my old habbit of just.. chillin. For some reason I use that as an excuse not to approach, because the guys themselves are not that into approaching. They're more into.. beer i guess. When we decided to go home, I forgot my jacked. Went back, and right in that instant my state went up, and I felt like approaching, having fun and just doing my shit. But the guys were waiting,.. FUCK! Glad I realised this, so I guess i'll be going out on my own even more now, just so I can get in state faster and actually approach.

Anyone can relate to this? How do you deal with this?

Anyways, I did learn a lot again this night. Loud music won't do it for me, because I can't hear people. Cola is a no-go anymore, because i become this insanely excited guy -with waayy to much energy. But as I mentioned, did get to know some girls, even if they were via my social circle. It was still like a lot of fun, and hey it was a good boys night out, ha! Tomorrow i'll probably be going to Utrecht! Can't wait! I'm getting so much energy out of this, it's just insane! I get it now what Tyler meant with that this shit can get addicting *is thinking to myself, like 'don't get too excited, you chode, do your approaches, learn and become good at it!'*

That's it for now! 
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