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03.08, thursday morning.
Fact: I rocked 2nite. Before, I was this chodish guy. Now, I just rock. Don't foking know what to type. Just start somewhere. Got my bike, went to the city. Feeling tired. Still in need of cash so went to the ATM. 3 girls. Said "HI girls". That's it. Nothing more. Then they, for some reason, started qualifying to me. I was like "wtf, ok sure, i'll play". Got my money and left them. Told them were I went and, met them there several times. Didn't do shit with them, 5'es. One fat pig. So got in the club, opend second set. 3 girls, 1 guy. Ugly girls, but fok who cares. Warmup. Played a bit and left. Walked through the club and met the weird girls again. Let them be. Moved on and suddenly I got pulled, like wtf. So decided to play along and just have fun. She said she knew me. I didn't know who the fuck she was. Introduced myself, kissed her hand, face, then mouth. Laughing all the time. Told her i had to meet someone and left. She wanted me to come back. Didn't.

Went out of the club and saw this blond girl. 8/10. Wanted to talk to her, but another guy approached, apparently. Talked to the girl, more relaxed than him, and blew him out with just one sentence. felt amazing. So got her all for myself. Shot the shit with her, then took her with me into the club. Hugged her, talked A LOT and had a shit load of fun. Got her number and send her off to the bathroom. Didn't want to talk to her ahymore. got tired. So moved on, and saw this first girl again, one who I tried to kiss. Tried again. Success. 2 times. Her girl friends were like "OMG, what the fuck". just didn't care, kept making out. Got her a drink, took her number and left. Needed sleep.

Night was, for me, fucking awesome. No blowouts. Lots and lots of nice interactions. Nuked a chode. Got 2 numbers. 1 make out. Time to sleep. Got class tomorrow at 10.30.
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