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It’s currently 4.14 in the morning. Just came back from some clubbing. Went for like 3 hours in total. Switched from one club to another (2 clubs in total) and met some of my friends along the way.

But here it comes. On my way to the city (like 10 mins) I kind of pumped up my state, just by saying EYO in the street, mainly to get my mind to think that ‘if I yell, and don’t get killed, you’ll survive’. That’s exactly what I did to pump up my state. On my way there I came across some girls and just said ‘hi’, and that’s all. For some weird reason, I couldn’t get out of my comfort zone. It felt as if I was locked in. Just stood in both clubs like a chode, with a drink in my hand. I must say I did get some attention from the girls, just by playing the eye contact game, however, I somehow did not have the balls to actually go for it. I was completely in my own head like ‘what to say’ while I know what to say! What you say doesn’t matter! It was just like I did not have the courage to step up. On top, I noticed that my friend was trying so hard to pump up my state, by talking to me etc. Really appreciate that he did that.

Anyways, I got to figure out how to get out of that stupid comfort zone and actually GO for it. There is one little ‘but’ though. I did get to talk to 2 girls in total. Convo’s weren’t very long, but at least it was something. I was, however, trying to push myself onto her, and not just having fun, as in an.. being a self amused guy, and not caring.

Long story short; need to figure out how to have fun on my own way. To find the way on what Ithink is fun.
Time to study the Blue Print. Just got past the first 3 hours.
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