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Sup! Suave here. My new nickname, apparently.

it's currently 2.41 am and I'm here, writing this blog. It's stil kind of early, been out for just two hours. For me it were two amazing hours! I've always had troubling touching people. Some weird fear I had or something, but tonight I was just like 'fuck it, lets go!'. That mentality mainly got in my head because I was tired of never touching. My secret? Julien. That guy is amazing. I've been watching some of his vids, and came across his hotseat and what i mainly did was copy him. I know it's kind of chodish, but hey, who gives a fuck. I noticed in that vid how he kept eye contact, approached and took the girls.

So what did I do? I was like 'hell I can do that!', so I went out, and did that shit. For a natural this was nothing, but for me, it was BIG! And I Fucking ENJOYED IT! I was saying whatever I want, doing whatever I want, it felt fantastic. I recommend every new guy to use the same approach. And like Tyler once said in a vid, eye contact is EVERYTHING! 

No closes or what so ever, but hey I loved every moment I had today! Was approached two times, so for me this is big! 

Anyways, gonna leave it at this.

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