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Okay, so it's like 03.47. Friday Morning.

Was dead tired, so just decided to go out for like 2 hours. But these were really good, maybe.. maybe even the best two hours yet. Well, lets start.

Arrived at the city, on my own. Parked my bicycle, went to the first club. There was a line, and i was like "FUCK!". Second club, line as well. Third, no line, but hardly any people. Went back to the first club and waited, sort of. Heard some girls in front of me, they were drunk. Didn't feel like talking to drunk girls yet. Girls behind me were talking rubbish, so decided to join that conversation. Thought it was going nowhere, but apparently it did go somewhere. Explain later. So I got in, and I couldn't even walk like 3 meters and two girls (2x HB8.5) (know one of them) pulled me into a corner and said "protect me from that guy!". Of course I was a bit flabbergasted and said Wtf? Then I saw that the girl was the sister of one of my buds, so I decided not to play with her and just be the accessory. That went pretty well actually, because within a few minutes she introduced me to her friend and the three of us started hugging. So for me that was like, cool. Shot the shit with her friend a bit and decided to leave them for a little bit. Walked around for like 1 minute, then the next girl pulled me over, into a corner (17 y'old mayb?) and started grinding. Acted like I didn't really cared, and apparently that worked. Left her and went upstairs, she followed me, with her friend (unfortunately). Near the toilet and she threw herself onto me. Couldn't pull her into the bathroom, because her friend fking cocked blocked me by pulling her towards the stairs, wanting her to come with her. Oh well.

Decided to leave the club after that. Went into the line at the second club, approached a set of 3-4 girls. Just shooting the shit with them. Doorman let them in, not me. Didn't really mind though, cause it allowed me to shoot the shit with another set of 3 girls. We got in, and actually left them for what they were. So yet again I couldn't even walk towards the dancefloor or whatsoever, because yet another girl, from the previous set wanted my attention. For some weird reason, i just said 'hi' and had my focus on the dancefloor, so I left them (wtf, why?). On the dancefloor, I met an old, short girl, friend of mine, whom i'd like to fuck. She reacted happy on seeing me, but for some reason I acted different and fucked up. She got disinterested. Oh well.

Girls were amazingly friendly to me as well. I did not really get into the 'talkative' state. That was probably something that was why my game was weird, but my 'magnetizing skills' were amazing today. Loved it.

[fail part] Oh before I forget, the girls (one who's the sister of a friend of mine) said like "hey, we're partying here now. Love it! But we'll have to get the first train back home.. no place to sleep for us, 'cause we can't sleep at my brothers' place.." I guess that was quite a big hint, especially because I could have offered them to sleep in the spare room. You know, just being 'the innocent guy'. Could also have added a line, one Mystery often uses, "That's all you girls will get from me. We are deffo not going to have sex!". Oh well. Learned from it!

Looking back at the night.. LOVED IT! All of it. Approaches went well, felt good tonight, got some subtle hints, grinds, cock-block (whaha) and a lot of interactions. For you naturals out there, this is nothing, but for me this is huge! Especially because I went out on my own, in a city where I just moved in to.
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