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03.08, thursday morning.
Fact: I rocked 2nite. Before, I was this chodish guy. Now, I just rock. Don't foking know what to type. Just start somewhere. Got my bike, went to the city. Feeling tired. Still in need of cash so went to the ATM. 3 girls. Said "HI girls". That's it. Nothing more. Then they, for some reason, started qualifying to me. I was like "wtf, ok sure, i'll play". Got my money and left them. Told them were I went and, met them there several times. Didn't do shit with them, 5'es. One fat pig. So got in the club, opend second set. 3 girls, 1 guy. Ugly girls, but fok who cares. Warmup. Played a bit and left. Walked through the club and met the weird girls again. Let them be. Moved on and suddenly I got pulled, like wtf. So decided to play along and just have fun. She said she knew me. I didn't know who the fuck she was. Introduced myself, kissed her hand, face, then mouth. Laughing all the time. Told her i had to meet someone and left. She wanted me to come back. Didn't.

Went out of the club and saw this blond girl. 8/10. Wanted to talk to her, but another guy approached, apparently. Talked to the girl, more relaxed than him, and blew him out with just one sentence. felt amazing. So got her all for myself. Shot the shit with her, then took her with me into the club. Hugged her, talked A LOT and had a shit load of fun. Got her number and send her off to the bathroom. Didn't want to talk to her ahymore. got tired. So moved on, and saw this first girl again, one who I tried to kiss. Tried again. Success. 2 times. Her girl friends were like "OMG, what the fuck". just didn't care, kept making out. Got her a drink, took her number and left. Needed sleep.

Night was, for me, fucking awesome. No blowouts. Lots and lots of nice interactions. Nuked a chode. Got 2 numbers. 1 make out. Time to sleep. Got class tomorrow at 10.30.
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Okay, so it's like 03.47. Friday Morning.

Was dead tired, so just decided to go out for like 2 hours. But these were really good, maybe.. maybe even the best two hours yet. Well, lets start.

Arrived at the city, on my own. Parked my bicycle, went to the first club. There was a line, and i was like "FUCK!". Second club, line as well. Third, no line, but hardly any people. Went back to the first club and waited, sort of. Heard some girls in front of me, they were drunk. Didn't feel like talking to drunk girls yet. Girls behind me were talking rubbish, so decided to join that conversation. Thought it was going nowhere, but apparently it did go somewhere. Explain later. So I got in, and I couldn't even walk like 3 meters and two girls (2x HB8.5) (know one of them) pulled me into a corner and said "protect me from that guy!". Of course I was a bit flabbergasted and said Wtf? Then I saw that the girl was the sister of one of my buds, so I decided not to play with her and just be the accessory. That went pretty well actually, because within a few minutes she introduced me to her friend and the three of us started hugging. So for me that was like, cool. Shot the shit with her friend a bit and decided to leave them for a little bit. Walked around for like 1 minute, then the next girl pulled me over, into a corner (17 y'old mayb?) and started grinding. Acted like I didn't really cared, and apparently that worked. Left her and went upstairs, she followed me, with her friend (unfortunately). Near the toilet and she threw herself onto me. Couldn't pull her into the bathroom, because her friend fking cocked blocked me by pulling her towards the stairs, wanting her to come with her. Oh well.

Decided to leave the club after that. Went into the line at the second club, approached a set of 3-4 girls. Just shooting the shit with them. Doorman let them in, not me. Didn't really mind though, cause it allowed me to shoot the shit with another set of 3 girls. We got in, and actually left them for what they were. So yet again I couldn't even walk towards the dancefloor or whatsoever, because yet another girl, from the previous set wanted my attention. For some weird reason, i just said 'hi' and had my focus on the dancefloor, so I left them (wtf, why?). On the dancefloor, I met an old, short girl, friend of mine, whom i'd like to fuck. She reacted happy on seeing me, but for some reason I acted different and fucked up. She got disinterested. Oh well.

Girls were amazingly friendly to me as well. I did not really get into the 'talkative' state. That was probably something that was why my game was weird, but my 'magnetizing skills' were amazing today. Loved it.

[fail part] Oh before I forget, the girls (one who's the sister of a friend of mine) said like "hey, we're partying here now. Love it! But we'll have to get the first train back home.. no place to sleep for us, 'cause we can't sleep at my brothers' place.." I guess that was quite a big hint, especially because I could have offered them to sleep in the spare room. You know, just being 'the innocent guy'. Could also have added a line, one Mystery often uses, "That's all you girls will get from me. We are deffo not going to have sex!". Oh well. Learned from it!

Looking back at the night.. LOVED IT! All of it. Approaches went well, felt good tonight, got some subtle hints, grinds, cock-block (whaha) and a lot of interactions. For you naturals out there, this is nothing, but for me this is huge! Especially because I went out on my own, in a city where I just moved in to.
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Okay, today I realized that I have been improving. At least with my inner game. I find it very important to improve my inner game. Finding what I like to do, and what i don't like. Next move, getting away from social desirability. Time to get out of that comfort zone, and not be scattered.

Since i'm writing about being scattered anyways, I would like to address that a bit more. Not the 'being scattered' in that sence. I just realize that i'm getting a LOT more talkative, and it's starting to get easier to free associate. I like that, however, there is one little thing. Do you know when you're like in state, enthousiastic, but you feel like you're too enthousiastic, like you're just like a 'wild dog'? Like, one who is so happy to run after a frisbee, but has no idea what to do with it once he catches it? Yet he stayes entirely happy? It's like being on speed. Do you called that 'being scattered'? I don't know. On the other hand, I could notice that others kind of enjoyed the presence, since i brought in a lot of energy. I also noticed that once my energylevel went down a little bit, 'the party was over'. Maybe I'm overthinkging.

I guess it'll handle itself. I trust the proces though. Tips? feel free to post them!
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Good morning! It's 03.29 right now. I'll first write about yesterday, reasoning why I did not go out. Looking back at it, I don't really feel bad about it actually. I feel good about it. Yesterday was a day that I was driving my motorbike for like 3 hours straight. I was like completely exhausted. I had to bring it to the garage, at the other side of the country (don't ask me why, long story). Went back by train, and I knew that it would be another 3 hour trip, so I brought a book with me. It's called "The Law of Attraction". This book, this was and still is the reason why I don't feel bad about not going out like, yesterday. It gave me a lot of new insights. 

Insights I thought I would never see, to be really honest. Insights that made me realise that you're getting what you've been asking for all the time. You control your reality. The same can be said about tonight. Tonight was a night on which I wanted to go out, and ... well I did. As soon as I arrived at the club, I did the inner state exersize Tyler talkes about in the blueprint, the one where he explains how you can relax your inner being, while still having a higher energy level. I tried this tonight, and it made me see that there were a lot of opportunities (which i did not take, unfortunately). It made me realise that I AM actually really pretty. That made me feel good. It made me feel good that I realized that I was enough for who I am. That I am doing this, this game, for myself, and myself only. To improve my (social) skills, to become a better person, and because I like it. Even though I still had the usual approach anxiety. But I must say, I was at peach with it. It didn't bother me. Yet now, whle writing this, I still have the feeling that i'm like "no it didn't bother me that i did not approach", even though one of my rules is to approach at least 5 girls a day. Maybe it was because I came in contact with other girls via friends etc. I know I placed myself in the friend zone, but yet again I don't mind.

What I also realized is that there were plenty of opportunities that I could have taken. For example a girl boucing onto me saying 'sorry, i got pushed'. I could easily have taken that opportunity, as an opener. I never saw that these things could be really good openers (especially 5-second-kiss openers, like tyler explains about in the blueprint). Second one was a girl who squeezed by bum. I could (and actually should) have used that opportunity. I did look back at her, with a smile and a funny look though, but I did not take action.

Anyways, to make this long story short, even though I did not approach, I still feel good. It was still quite a nice evening, especially because of the new Insight(s) I have gotten. Wonder what tomorrow will bring. If you ask me, it's me who is going to approach like a mad-man! Not thinking what others think of me, just having my OWN FUN! 

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Sup, Suave, aka BigR here,

it's currently 4.16 am. Went out this night, on my own, again. I guess i'm starting to love it, the more I do it. It's funny. It's like you can be more focussed or something. Now i'm not saying that I was focussed this night, but i'll explain that later.

First i'll start off by saying that I had a good day time today. Met a friend who things about things like exactly as me, who is not living in a matrix. Unfortunately he did not agree on going out together. Oh well, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, i am starting to appreciate going out on my own. There is, however, a slight downside to this, so I have figured out. When I go out on my own, and run into some friends of mine, I tend to go with them, and be the 'same shit-different day' guy aka entering my old habbit of just.. chillin. For some reason I use that as an excuse not to approach, because the guys themselves are not that into approaching. They're more into.. beer i guess. When we decided to go home, I forgot my jacked. Went back, and right in that instant my state went up, and I felt like approaching, having fun and just doing my shit. But the guys were waiting,.. FUCK! Glad I realised this, so I guess i'll be going out on my own even more now, just so I can get in state faster and actually approach.

Anyone can relate to this? How do you deal with this?

Anyways, I did learn a lot again this night. Loud music won't do it for me, because I can't hear people. Cola is a no-go anymore, because i become this insanely excited guy -with waayy to much energy. But as I mentioned, did get to know some girls, even if they were via my social circle. It was still like a lot of fun, and hey it was a good boys night out, ha! Tomorrow i'll probably be going to Utrecht! Can't wait! I'm getting so much energy out of this, it's just insane! I get it now what Tyler meant with that this shit can get addicting *is thinking to myself, like 'don't get too excited, you chode, do your approaches, learn and become good at it!'*

That's it for now! 
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Sup! Suave here. My new nickname, apparently.

it's currently 2.41 am and I'm here, writing this blog. It's stil kind of early, been out for just two hours. For me it were two amazing hours! I've always had troubling touching people. Some weird fear I had or something, but tonight I was just like 'fuck it, lets go!'. That mentality mainly got in my head because I was tired of never touching. My secret? Julien. That guy is amazing. I've been watching some of his vids, and came across his hotseat and what i mainly did was copy him. I know it's kind of chodish, but hey, who gives a fuck. I noticed in that vid how he kept eye contact, approached and took the girls.

So what did I do? I was like 'hell I can do that!', so I went out, and did that shit. For a natural this was nothing, but for me, it was BIG! And I Fucking ENJOYED IT! I was saying whatever I want, doing whatever I want, it felt fantastic. I recommend every new guy to use the same approach. And like Tyler once said in a vid, eye contact is EVERYTHING! 

No closes or what so ever, but hey I loved every moment I had today! Was approached two times, so for me this is big! 

Anyways, gonna leave it at this.

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It’s currently 4.14 in the morning. Just came back from some clubbing. Went for like 3 hours in total. Switched from one club to another (2 clubs in total) and met some of my friends along the way.

But here it comes. On my way to the city (like 10 mins) I kind of pumped up my state, just by saying EYO in the street, mainly to get my mind to think that ‘if I yell, and don’t get killed, you’ll survive’. That’s exactly what I did to pump up my state. On my way there I came across some girls and just said ‘hi’, and that’s all. For some weird reason, I couldn’t get out of my comfort zone. It felt as if I was locked in. Just stood in both clubs like a chode, with a drink in my hand. I must say I did get some attention from the girls, just by playing the eye contact game, however, I somehow did not have the balls to actually go for it. I was completely in my own head like ‘what to say’ while I know what to say! What you say doesn’t matter! It was just like I did not have the courage to step up. On top, I noticed that my friend was trying so hard to pump up my state, by talking to me etc. Really appreciate that he did that.

Anyways, I got to figure out how to get out of that stupid comfort zone and actually GO for it. There is one little ‘but’ though. I did get to talk to 2 girls in total. Convo’s weren’t very long, but at least it was something. I was, however, trying to push myself onto her, and not just having fun, as in an.. being a self amused guy, and not caring.

Long story short; need to figure out how to have fun on my own way. To find the way on what Ithink is fun.
Time to study the Blue Print. Just got past the first 3 hours.
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