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About Me: 
I'm Dan

its a simple explination to a complex world. I'm that guy in my group of friends that knows everyone, the guy that sets the pace for the night. The alpha of alphas...even when I'm out with new groups, somehow I always am the one looked to for the final decision. I like that.

I'm a goofy bastard that loves to mess with people for shear fun, and laughs. I often get myself into sittuations that are "hard" to get out of...but hell, whats life without some adventure. I take everything as a light as possible. I don't like to carry a searious life, so I won't live one.

All in all, I'm excited to be me, and even more pumped to see what happens when the pages of my life turn.
I love to ride motorcycles, I'm a huge fan...
Im a music freak, love all kinds of random shit. Hmmm lets see what else:
Dogs, trucks, quads, boobs, tight butts, brunettes, blue eyes, guns, fast things...I'm a speed demon. It fit my persona.
too much to list. I like it all
I'm active with school and work...I want to get back into sports somehow. I miss playing, and competeing.
Favorite Music: 
I love it all, Anberlin, Seether, Alan Jackson, hell you name it, i'll listen to it..if i like...i'll like
Favorite TV Shows: 
Heroes, House, Chuck, How I met your mother (great show...check it out), and a few others..don't really have much time to sit and watch Tv tho...
Favorite Movies: 
Wow..thats a difficult ones that still play?
Favorite Books: 
What are books? haha, I haven't read a whole lot, but I can't say I have a favorite of the few i've opened.

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