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I'm spending my summer vacation away from School at my parents house. Therefore I get a Whole New city to game in. The city is home of some 60.000 People. In total I have spent less than 10 hours on day time game. I plan on updating my blogg every day. It will be an interesting period because I don't know DTG or this New city well. I've read one book dedicated to day time game and I think it will help me pass the entrance barrier. I will buy more books during summer, if they are available on Kindle. I'm using other books to, body Language and voice management will be taken into consideration. During my summer vacation I will make a statistic which will be used for tracking my results, improvement and could be used as reference for other artists. I'm educated in statistics and I will use my skills to present accurate measurements of my Field results.

About me: 21 year old student. Begginer artist, but I'm described as thorough, smart and disciplined. I will use more than 100 hours in the Field this summer and I will focus solely on day time game, unless I get impulsive and expose myself to the disco scene. As my sleeping schedule and alcohol tolerance is sensitive I think I will be better served during the day, especially considering this is a long time Project. I've never had a girlfriend, a one night stand or a kiss. I've paid for hookers but failed to ejaculate in the vagina. I'm out of shape and my Dick is average. I don't feel any friction when paying for sex. During summer I will try to get in shape and earn good excercise habits. I beg to God I will not get recognized from this blog. I'm poor, indebted, and affected by my ADD diagnosis. I recently started taking ritalin which helps my perform in the Field.
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