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Daytime game report: I approached Girls the same way as I did yesterday. Size of my city makes problems as there are not that many Girls out in the malls. I effectiveley sarged about 30 women With poor results, no contact information or any signs of attraction. However I'm smarter and know more about the game. High-rated Girls proves more easily approached, they give more idicators of interest and seem more comfertable talking to random strangers. I've talked to several women which i cognitively know should not be interested, because of their age, relationship et cetera. Norwegians are known to be unapproachable which possibly is making the Field harder.

I've noted some occurences which could be statistically significant:
1:Hot Girls give more IOI's and are more comfertable in conversation.
2:Girls in Groups are easier to talk to.
3:Underage Girls are uncomfortable and likely won't show IOI's. (Possible pedo-fear).
4:Ugly Girls are rude and hard to attract.
5:Teen Girls are hard to lead past the opening stage.
6:Getting to Close to them fast will lead to failiure.

As my field's supply of women is Limited I will increase my exposure to the disco scene, first time later this nigth.
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