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I want to give my friend a copy of The Blueprint, but I don't know whether to give him "Foundations" first, "The Jeffy Show" (as an entertaining ease-in to the material), or the "Blueprint". Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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i have done this ... give them the copies, tell them to watch foundations and FN first ....foundations shows the progress you can make, FN shows like vocational stuff, they can start off with and use straight away

show (better to demonstrate) how your skills have improved, then they will acept its all legit

you have to let them watch at their own pace really, cant force it, im leeting my boys take thier own pace (if it takes 2 years its still better than me banging on about it and so pissing them off then  putting them off totally )

do BP last - as its very deep

some ppl will never accpet this stuff...
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Tim's flawless natural is hands down, the best naturally hands-on guide to pick up chicks for a newbie. But I agree with M_A_S.

Self-demonstration pwns talking about it.
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