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Hey guys.

Ive been browsing RSD for some months but couldnt be botherd to sign up with an account, as ive never rly felt the impulse to post somthing. Since checkoing out some of the blog entries on this forum it hit me that i should be posting my experiances and realisations for all of you guys to benefit from. So heres the start of a couple of entries that will entail my journey of spiritual realisation and self dsicovery and subsequently what we call "game". As with everyhting i do i givi it my all and strive to take it further than anyone has ever taken it. I believe i have alot to offer to anyone willing to listen so here it goese.

A litle bit about me:

Im Kurdish from Iraq. Born in Suleighmanya, norhter iraq i came to the uk when i was 2 months old and lived there for 13 years being most of my life. rom there moved to iraq for a year and then to Dubai where ive been living for the past 4 years. As you may have guessed im 18 now and just finishing the last year of high school.

I dont have any job but i guess u could say i function as a spiritual teahcer for anybody and everybody that is willing to listen. U could say one of my main motivations for developing my game is that i want to gain wicked sauce communication and verbal skills in order to help spread the message and bring more people to spiritual realisaion.

My hobbies and intrests are Swimming, shooting and marksmanship, any combat sport, anything to do with business and finance, diplomacy and international realtions ( Rly into MUN), politics, design and architecture, history of religion and any kind of literature. Quite a bit more but cant rly think of them right now.

With that out of the way ide just like to say Hi everybody and that im fucking happy to be part of the community!
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