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I recently wrote a post on my blog about rejection...

The conclusion was that when you "get rejected", it is not something an "evil girl" can do to the "good you"

She "needs" your active cooperation in 2 ways if she wants to reject you:

1) You need to put EXPECTATIONS on her... This is done way before you approach her. Whether it is getting her number, impressing your friends, ... Or worse you have to put EXPECTATIONS on the whole room: they cannot think anything bad about you, ....

2) If step one is completed and the she rejects you, she needs your cooperation in a second way: you have to TAKE IT PERSONALLY. You have to make up a story how poor you is "personally attacked" by this "evil woman"... blabla

When those step are completed, you are officially rejected! It's easy to stop one of these two and never get rejected agin!

It would be cool to get comments from you guys at my blog
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The best way to never get rejected, is never to have tried.
Rejection is inevitable, but it's the best teacher we can learn from.
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