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 So I had a HUGE realization the other night... and wanted to share so maybe people don’t have to learn this the hard way... like I did. 

So I don’t drink when I go out but it was my Birfday, and all my mates were out, and so I drank and beasted hard. I was definitely in the zone, as is usually the case on the rare occasions when I drink. I had this Brazilian girl all over me, but then I felt pretty bad leaving my friends alone –who weren’t approaching-when I invited them out and they had to pay $30 to get in. So I number closed (and lol actually f-d her yesterday after our date lol) and went and chilled with my friends. We (3 of us now) leave the club and see these absolutelyfuckingstunning babes. So obviously I open them with "Happy Birthday!!!!!" and spin hug one.... 

We vibe for a bit, and use the latest RSD technology.... 

skeptical gibberish

“oooo we want pizza”

So we get in a cab, and go to my friends' frat house. I naturally move to one of the girls, show her a card trick, then teach it to her and have us together trick everyone. Then we sit on the couch and drink gin and red bull, I just feel super amazing. She tells me how much she wants me to take her on a date, etc etc.

Then all of a sudden SHE JUST GETS UP AND LEAVES!! That surprised the shit out of me! Damn! So I get up and follow her out and ask her what’s wrong and shit,

“I like you, and I gave you so many chances but you just won’t be fucking real. I meant it when I said I wanted you to take me on a date.”

She said it with such genuine realness that it took me aback. Here is the solid, like I’m not even exaggerating one bit, solid 9.5, being real. So I tried so recover by saying,

“Sorry I’m super fucking hyper. And trying to show off in front of my friends..Okay let me real… This is me real… I genuinely like you.. and want to take you on a date…”

Still looking skeptical
“I’m tired of meeting player guys like you, who only care about themselves”

“Girl… I want us to be real. Give me your num… I’m a nice guy…”

She hesitantly puts her number in my phone. I kiss her on the cheek and her and her friend scamper off into the night. I literally was fucking shocked, I thought it was a done deed…

But then as I thought back, I had her back in my house, she was getting drunk, it was obvious that she was attracted, I just needed to be real at that point. But I still just fundamentally was not listening to her, I was just totally in my own world, just so happy spewing my pickup nonsense. And the thing is from doing this so much I knew at that point I should be real, and were even telling my friends to let up on the negs when we were heading back to the cab. But it wasn’t until now that I can really understand the difference between pretending to be real (being real because you “know it’s now time to build comfort and be real so you can fuck her”), by using tactics like by being nice, or asking “So what are you really about, like the real you”, and …..REALLY….. just being yourself.

I think as PUA’s we get so caught up in the things that makes girls attracted in the club (well because it fucking works amazingly) that we sometimes forget to be a real person in the end game. And most girls they’re just so fucking attracted to you that they let these subtle things slide, but when you’re dealing with super fucking high quality girls they point out subtle things in your game.

I took this lesson to heart. Not only was she fucking hot, she was really fucking cool and smart. Fuck I’m still mad. I texted her and she didn’t respond… But her memory and what she taught me will stay with me forever…


Yea so I went out earlier and at this point I have absolutely no trouble opening and can hook a pretty high number, anyways I open this girl but she is walking right into the bathroom. I tell her to come find me later. I’m standing with my friends and see her, point at her, and signal her over. She walks over but is about to leave with her friends, so I snag her number. She types it in and asks if I remember her name. I don’t. She deletes her number out, but I’m like

“one more chance”
“I’m a nice guy”
“I’ll remember it forever”

So she puts her number in again, and her name lol. I’m texting her and she is shit testing me hard core. I realize they are shit tests and just keep rolling with it. And at one point she just stops texting.

THEN I REALIZE, I just need to be real. So I text her,

“Okay in all seriousness, I’m just really hyper right now so I realize I come off a little absurd. But being serious I don’t really know anything about you but you look fun and I think it would be cool to chat, and laugh over some drinks. But if not that’s cool to. “

Which is a super fucking lame, chode message. But she texts me back almost right away and says

“Great lets get drinks”

And completely stopped shit testing me. That also wowed me. Alex’s article on statements of empathy I think is what starting me on thinking about this as a possible sticking point for me.

Anyways, I think I’ll be mad for a really long time about fucking up with that girl, which is rare because I usually do no give not even a little of a fuck, but I will also never forget this lesson.

Love Always,

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