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Just a quick update on how success with women can have observable, objective changes on your life….

I came home for christmas break, and I hadn't really hung out with my childhood friends for a number of years for a various number of reasons, until this break.... 

I met up with this girl I had the biggest crush on when I was in high school, but she never really was attracted to me. We met at a 24hr diner, and at the end of the night we ended up kissing nothing too serious, I didn't push it too hard because I had those old feelings kind of holding me back. Then we met up the next day, because a mutual friend is having a house warming party and her and I end up fucking in the guest bedroom! After we had sex she was like, when did you become so hot if I would have known I would have called you sooner. This really puzzled me because we are Facebook friends so she obviously can see what I look like, and the people who know me can vouch that I have looked basically the same way for a very long time. This seemingly small gesture really instilled into me that fundamental attraction REALLY is not based on how your physical body looks, although perhaps on how you manipulate your physical body. Perhaps it's the way your eyes move, subtle facial or body gestures, or subtle inclinations of your voice, the sum of which eight make you attractive or unattractive to women. Seeing girls who knew me very well before, and having my looks basically remain the same (at least the ratio of how my looks have changed compared to how the girls attraction has change is super minuscule), is about as scientific and objective proof I can provide to myself on the subject. It's different pimping new girls who didn't know what I was like before and girls I grew up with.

And to top this off, wanting to be objective about this and not base it off one data point, I was curious to see if this would work on other girls I was attracted to in high school but didn't like me. Well in high school I was really attracted to my best friend's sister. Anyways I go to his house and it's me, him, his mom, sister, and our other friend and fiance, we are all just drinking and talking about old times. Everyone goes to sleep expect me my friend and his sister, and my friend is texting. Then all of a sudden his sister starts kissing me right in front of him. Holy Fuck, this would have been a dream in high school. So we are making out right in front of her brother, i'm trying to play it off telling her she should go to bed and shit, that nothings going to happen. Anyways we go off to bed, and my friend won't go to sleep because he's obviously trying to cock block us. He even pretends to close his door then sneaks back in to see what I would do. He eventually falls asleep after a few hours, I sneak into her room, we make out, joke for a while, I eat her pussy, then she can't resist anymore and basically starts me lol. It's like 6:45 at this point, so I leave and meet my grandparents at church, smelling like sex and a little drunk. This shit definitely would have not happened to me before.

Finally I see this girl at Starbucks that I had a huge crush on in high school. I was sitting there on my laptop trying to finish some stuff that I promised I would do before I left back home… but didn't. I see her and open with, "A fucking blackberry… seriously…??" She looks at me and recognizes me, laughs, more black berry teasing, she teases me about my obnoxiously red shoes, boring questions about what I've been up to, blah blah, I start flirting with her and dropping little statements of intent, I tell her I feel like dancing and make her stand up and I spin her, finger clasp, spin hug… right in the middle of starbucks, everyone else is like wtf is going on. She was dough eyed after all of this, and couldn't even talk. fuck yes. I just grab her number because I really needed to finish this stuff within a few hours. So I just grabbed her number, and left. We have a date setup for thursday….

This shit feels real good… And I'm sure lots of you dudes experience this shit… mad props for that. This really hasn't hit me this hard, since you are always constantly making baby steps and hardly ever see the net effect change. But, coming home and reconnecting with people I hadn't seen in year let me basically see the before and after picture. I hope I can see this again in another few years. just fucking amazing. Thank you RSD, Adam, Josh, Nick, Saad for being fucking amazing entities in my life and making a huge difference on this journey.


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Yo bellagio....if you hadn't taken the boot camp do you think you would be where you are at?? It's just so crazy how you just have been tearing it up lately you know...the bc must have really dialed you into something that was just dormant for years lol idk...
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 Well actually I remember when I was really young, I remember balling pretty hard (i mean in the context of a young kid). Then around the middle school age I kind of had to make a choice of the group of friends to hangout with, since things started diverging. So I decided to hang out with the smarter kids, and it was around that point I became more introverted, and pretty chodey in retrospect. That being said when I think back now I'm glad I made that decision, because I am getting girls now and I took care of school and shit then and don't have to worry about that stuff at all. On the other hand, maybe not, I don't know. Anyways, through high school I would try to get girls and I would get one every once in a while, if she was attracted to me first. Found a girl that was really cool, dated for 5 years, brokeup, took a bootcamp, yea and shit took off after that. The problem with me was that I was very socially uncalibrated,  when I heard Jeffy talking about BEASTMODE and being unreactive I thought that just meant act like a gorilla invariant of what the girl does. But when I saw him in action, he was super fucking smooth and it blew my mind. That and some other tips really just punctured the baloon that was holding all this stuff inside me, and gave me the means to express myself. I legitimately don't think that would have happened without bootcamp, but who knows. I wanted to learn the right way starting out, you know, build good habits from the start. 
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