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Friday, Dec. 9, 2011

I was coming back from a pretty shitty night on Thursday, never really got deep into any interactions. In retrospect I think I was being way to validation seeking. I guess the things is, comparatively a shitty night is still much better than the best nights I had first going out. I got a few numbers only one makeout, but I just didn't feel relaxed and I was creeping a lot of girls out. The thing I noticed from a bad night was how much more intuned I have become with girls emotions from going out so much, I could see right away when they were getting weirded out or offended.

LR: Spinz of happiness

So anyways friday Nick and I went to Royale. We bounce in the venue and chill for a while to let the girls get their drink on and shit. And I’m like dancing and yelling like a fucking idiot. I see this hottie, I walk up and spin her super hard, grab her, then push her away, then double spin her, then I squeeze her and pick her up and we makeout. Then I set her down and walk away. Without saying one word the whole time. lol Her and her friends were like WTF just happened.

Now, I am feeling like a fucking boss, so I start dancing then I point at this blond girl in a really tight, hot dress. She is looking at me and smiling. I grab her and pull her in then spin her and lift her up, and we like pseudo make out and she bites my lips. Then she tells me “let’s go dance”. So I drag her onto the dance floor and it is just so hot, she has so much feminine energy I cannot hold back my boner. I am being super dominant with her, biting her neck and shit and she just starts moaning. Then MF her friend comes in and is like “Naomi what the fuck are you doing!?” and it was like the weirdest shit i’ve every seen, it’s like she popped out of a trance or something. She just like COMPLETELY changed, she’s like “I have to go” and runs away, but I grab her and say “I’ll never let you go” and she stopped and smiled for a bit. But I don’t think it was enough, especially with her friend there, to get her back. So I get her number (after tons of resistance) and she literally runs away. Then I see her with this other guy, and he’s like furious and yelling at her. O shit! I found out eventually that was her boyfriend of 2 years. wtf

This is the type of shit that makes me paranoid about getting a girlfriend. Like if I gf up, and loose my beastness from not going out all the time, then some champion is just going to fuck her or something and I’ll be home alone masturbating with my tears.

Anyways, I go fooling around the club. I tried picking up the bartenderesses with no luck. :( Go to the dance floor, stick my hand out to a pretty tall brunette who is dancing with a circle with her friends, she grabs it, I pull her in, spin her so that her arm lands over my shoulder, and I life her up and spin her. All of her friends stop dancing and are just watching this, so I turn and bow. lol "that was smooth". I ask the friends if it was okay I I take her to dance. They agree and so her and I basically start dancing salsa/swing to this techno music. Then we start grinding, I take her to get drinks, makeout, sit on the couches, etc. etc. go on fake date. “You have no idea what I want to do to you”, tell her i’m hungry let’s go get food, take her in my new car finger and fuck her in the back seat, in a well lit parking lot listening to the bg’s. I was surprised how little resistance she gave me, that really doesn't happen to me much.

Anyways, it was really hot, agressive sex, then I take her to get a braugtworst. Grab her number, I have no more energy to go back to the club (yea I know, what a fucking pussy). I call a fuck buddy, and I just go to her house and I just tease her, because I'm really not that horny at the moment we end up just cuddling and going to sleep then I wake her up in the middle of the night, gorilla fuck her, and go back to sleep.



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Love this shit man! Fuck yeah dude I love these's a chronicle of your pimp skills.
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 Haha thanks brutha, I've been keeping a personal journal. But maybe i'll post some more stuff on here, when I get some insight or something to get people thinking. 
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