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So Adam and I have been going out consistently 3 times a week since I got here. This week we are going out 6 times. Going out this much, really highlights the idea of social momentum. You read people talking about it on the forum all the time, Jeffy, Tyler all stress it. But when you really experience it first hand it is amazing- almost magic pill like. And it makes me think of all the other stuff that they teach, they are not just saying it as an academic exercise, or a mind fuck. I think they truly feel this stuff and they try to convey it into words in the best way so that we may feel it as well. I’ve understood leading, communicating man-to-woman, etc. for a while now, but it is only as of lately that I am really feeling on a deep level what this stuff means. And it’s like “ohhhh that’s what they mean” and it just clicks and feels right. And so I think the principles in which I haven’t had that “aha” moment with, I am probably not implementing correctly.

Also another big thing I have been realizing lately (again people say this all the time- but it is so different when you are actually going through it first hand) is girls love to be approached, hang out with, and have sex with a cool and fun guy just as much as we like to fuck and be around hot women. I feel like I am in a way doing women a service by understanding and internalizing success with women. Lately, especially with my Brazialian fb, I have been making them go crazy and feel super passionate (both positively and negatively) and I think women love it. And it just puts me in the moment as well and enjoy myself an unbelievable amount.

It’s also been funny to see women act like chodes: give their power away, act fake so I like them, or get super butt hurt if we don’t hang out, etc. And it shows me how girls feel, and how a lot of that stuff just really does kill attraction. Post bootcamp and especially these last few weeks have been incredible learning experiences, and it’s not just ivory tower theory, it’s practical infield realizations mediated by the knowledge of theory. Neither one can really thrive without the other. And this experience has been showing through not only how I feel (just really outcome independent and happy just being myself), but the number of girls I am attracting and having sex with.

Everyday this game gets exponentially more fun.

So just make sure you really understand and internalize the fundamental principles before you move on. They aren't just saying this stuff for no reason. 

Okay I’m going to do some more fr’s, so that I can remember this shit and chart my progress.

Peace niggas.


Bellagio, B-tiger
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Brad Your my herooooo ;) dude get back here and disciple me!!!  i miss your awesomeness!!
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