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Fellowship of the Beast

My roommate's friend from Alaska is visiting and he is cool. Like this super energetically funny guy, a perfect beasting partner. So I explain some fundamental RSD principles: tonality, interacting man to woman, etc. They get really pumped up hearing this and we go out. 

I'll make this a more traditional FR, because I did a lot of approaching to show them how to open. It was the most in state/ confident I've ever been. 

So I walk in the club, while they are outside because the bouncer doesn't believe his Alaskin id is real. I open two girls, ask them why the club is so empty, talk for a bit, get them laughing, claw them, then leave. First set down and feeling good. 1 point Brad. 

I have been doing vocal tonality excercises and today is the first day I have really been seeing it pay off. 

I open these two girls by the bar:

Brad: "Hey!" they turn around and face me and before they respond I say
"What are the drink specials for the night!" even though I'm not drinking. 
"blah blah blah $2 this $1 that" 
"Your cute I just wanted to come over and meet you." 
"What's your name?"
"random girls name" 
We talk for a while longer, I see hotter girls down the bar and leave. 

I grab my roommate and tell him to come in after I open these girls. 

"Well what do I say?"
"Dude it doesn't fucking matter, just be loud" 

So I open the hotter one, because her friend is texting. 

"Hi Brad. You are cute. I just had to meet you." 
"Hi. (some name)"
"What's your friends name" 
Friend introduces herself. 

My roommate comes in with the most utterly creepy akward and loud hey guys what's up in the history of mankind. It made me feel so akward, I can only imagine what it did to the girls. So I say

"Hey guys, this is my roommate (roommate's name) he's a fucking stud"
"Hi (roommate) I'm Hotty McSlut" 
I'm talking to the hot girl and eventually the friend leaves and my roommate kind of starts hiding behing me. lol 
Wanting to help my mate out and feeling the interaction die, I eject. I tell him to just be more natural. 

Next I this this really hot girl, who is about 6' 1" with heels on. I walk up to her,

"Hey! I'm taller than you"
"blah blah blah hahaha" 
I lift her up and spin hug her. 
"hahaha nooo" 
I hug her and we start talking face to face. Man she smells so good. I tell her, 
"I want a glow stick! WHere are they?"
"blah blah blah over there."
"cool thanks. You smell so good, I want to bite you" I bite her neck, she laughs

More random talking and she's starting to pull away a little bit. So I push her away, while i'm holding her hand, then I spin her. When I approached her she was trying to get to her friend, and was trying to do so at the end. 

At the beggining she was so into it, but I couldn't keep the attraction going. Maybe I was too physical and dominating and should have been more push pull. Or I should have taken her with me to go find some glow sticks. I was mad this interaction ended, whatever my sticking point on this was I have no idea. Usually I'm like I should have done this, but on this one I did everything I wanted and it didn't turn out right. 

I open a group of 4 girls 2 of which are 9's. I tell the hottest that I want a glow stick to badly, that every one has one and I'm sad. She gives me one of hers, I'm like awww thanks and give her a hug. then the other 9 gives me hers too. I'm in love. Then right after this, the 5 of the group takes the glow stick off of my head, and starts acting like a bitch. She tells me to not hug her friend, etc. I'm trying to get my friends to deal with her, but no luck. So I'm plowing trying to befriend the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) but no luck, she is too mean. I hate loosing to the DUFF, never again!

Anyways, I opened tons of sets. I got straight up blown out once, but the rest opened very very well (well at least to my limited knowledge) and I could keep the attraction going for about 5 minutes then something happens to distract them, or their friends come it, or they just lose attraction. I definitely should have gotten more physical, but the tall hotty I was physical with also died, so there's something subtly wrong I'm doing with that as well. 

Bootcamp in SF, on the 27th. I'm so stoked. 

Love Always. Bellagio. 
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