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Formal + LMR = Hand of Love 

Okay so a few days ago the chick of the last post- heretofore known as blondy - asks me to her formal which is tonight. I tell her to find another hot guy, she insists and being I just got my suit tailored I agree. 

I get to her house, looking fresh shit, we pregame with her roommates and roommate's dates. We go to the dance, I act like an uncontroled chimpanzee on meth, like always. I do a blackflip off the stage and injure my leg :( After lots of craziness at the dance we go back to her place. Talk for a while with the group, I isolate her (trying to get her to her room, but it is messy as shit, like one of the messiest rooms I've seen in my life so we end up on the stair case). So we are like making out and shit, I'm trying to rub her and it's so wet it's ridiculous, but she stops me and says, 

"Two more days" 

I assume she means she's on her period and respond, 

"Trust me that shit doesn't gross me out" I was drunk and wanted my trouser snake to find a loving home. 

Anyways I don't remember exactly how the dialogue went from there, but I'm trying to get her to her room and finally she's like lets go upstairs. I thought her friends were up there and so I tried to prevent her, she tells me there's no one up there. We go on her couch, we makeout. I start giving her a massage, and take her dress and thong off. She is fucking hot! I'm massaging her, I take off all my clothes, and continue massaging her. I start trying to put my dick in her vagina and she starts moaning, but for some reason I can't get it in. So I lube it up with some spit and try again, she starts moaning again but I can't get it in. She says that she doesn't have sex with random people. I know when to have determination but I obviously don't want to take it to far, so I'm like cool go get me some lotion, she does and I wack it while we makeout and I suck her boobs. It was actually really nice, but not as nice. 

We sleep spooning naked. I was prepared this time with earplugs, so I actually got some sleep. We wakeup in the morning and she gives me a hj, I eat some of their pizza and leave. 

And now my lymph nodes are swollen, I think from sharing a flask with her roommates. Sluts. 

It was an amazing fun night. How the fuck do I break this LMR!!!!??? I've tried everything! Maybe I should just move on! Abundance. 

Love Always. Bellagio. 
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Ear Plugs. lol Dude she sounds like a virgin. 
Either that or she wants to see you invest more. 
Either way. Stop Reaching for an Outcome. 
This takes time to get down. Keep Approaching.
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